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Good News for Couch Potatoes! Doing THIS "Lazy" Activity Could Give You More Energy

Good News for Couch Potatoes! Doing THIS “Lazy” Activity Could Give You More Energy

(AscendHealthy.com) - As the day goes by, many people long for a nap. Drowsiness and lethargy instantly make many of us want to close...
EW! Mold Could Be Hiding In Your Coffee (& What To Do About It)

EW! Mold Could Be Hiding in Your Coffee (and What to Do About It)

(AscendHealthy.com) - Little could convince most coffee lovers to reconsider that daily morning java fix. Regardless of how we drink it, many of us...

Hungry All the Time? Processed Foods Could Be to Blame

(AscendHealthy.com)- Constantly hungry? The foods you eat may be to blame. Research shows that those who regularly eat processed foods consume more carbs, fat,...

What Does Unmanaged Stress Look/Feel Like?

(AscendHealthy.com)- According to the American Psychological Association, adults in America are experiencing stress levels that aren’t good for their health. Using a 10-point scale...

How to Break Your Own Worst Health Habits

(AscendHealthy.com)- When it comes to changing bad habits, humans tend to fall short. A mere 8 percent of people who set New Year’s resolutions...
Minor Inconvenience or Major Health Problem? Don't Miss THESE Signs

Minor Inconvenience or Major Health Problem? Don’t Miss THESE Signs

(AscendHealthy.com) - Our bodies have ways of telling us when something isn’t right, but we aren’t always the most perceptive at reading the signals....

Do You Strive for 10,000 Steps Per Day? You May Be Overdoing It

(AscendHealthy.com)- If you think that you should strive for 10,000 steps per day, you have fallen victim to a very effective marketing strategy, according...