Sleep On This Side for Better Rest and Recovery

[REVEALED] For Better Rest, Sleep on THIS Side

( How healthy is your sleep? Did you know your choice of sleeping position can affect how well your body functions? Both sides might look the same, but sleeping on your left is better for your health.

Positioning Aids Digestion

Your stomach is shaped in such a way that you put the least amount of weight on it when lying on your left side. Lying on your right can put pressure on stomach contents, potentially displacing them and increasing your chances of triggering acid reflux. Lying on your right also forces your colon to work harder, making it fight against gravity multiple times in order to move solid waste through the lower half of your system. Do you ever suffer from a sluggish gut? Try sleeping on your left side and see if it helps.

Healthier for Pregnant Women

Research has shown pregnant women can double their risk of stillbirth if they don’t sleep on their left side. Part of this may be due to compression of the inferior vena cava, a vein that runs along the right side of the back. The change in weight distribution can put excess pressure on this vein when a pregnant woman sleeps on her back. This compression can reduce blood flow to the heart. Sleeping on the left also reduces strain caused by the uterus pressing down on vital organs.

Boosting Brain Health

Your brain does a lot of work while you sleep, and one of its overnight jobs is cleaning out its own waste. When you sleep on your back, your brain can’t flush itself out as effectively as it can when you’re lying on your side. Over time, these incomplete flushes can contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative issues.

Better Breathing

Sleep on your side to reduce your chances of snoring or suffering a sleep apnea event. When you sleep on your back, the back of the tongue can slip into your airway, obstructing your ability to breathe. This can be a serious problem for some people, especially those who are overweight. Sleeping on your side helps keep your airways open, making you less likely to snore or skip breaths.

Talk to your doctor if you’re in doubt about which sleeping position is best for you. Some people, such as those with enlarged hearts, might actually find lying on the left adds to their symptoms. Experts agree most healthy people do just fine alternating between sides, although favoring the left is best for your stomach and overall circulation. Give the left side a try and see if it makes any difference for you.

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension!

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