7 Amazing Ways to Use Coconut Oil This Summer

7 Amazing Ways to Use Coconut Oil This Summer

(AscendHealthy.com) – Ah, the smells of summer! Scents like cucumber, watermelon, french peach and mango might inspire some of us to think about ways to incorporate natural products into our daily routines. There are many great natural health and beauty options, and one of them is coconut oil. This summer, we can use this oil for various things to help our skin look better and healthier during the warmer months. Let’s take a look at seven amazing ways to use it.

1. Body Scrub

For a healthy summer glow, we can use coconut oil in exfoliating body scrubs. Before getting a tan (faux or real), we can combine coconut oil with granulated white or brown sugar to make an exfoliating scrub. Using this treatment will help remove dead skin, which may make tans look healthier and more even.

2. Deodorant

Smelling good can help us feel clean and fresh, but it may be a little more challenging when the summer sun causes sweating. Fortunately, applying just a small amount of coconut oil under the arms is a great way to reduce sweating and keep any smell away, too. We can use it on its own or mix it with other ingredients.

3. Makeup Remover

Taking off makeup may be hard on the skin, but there are natural ways to remove makeup without skin-damaging chemicals. Using coconut oil is one way to remove makeup easily and restore natural moisture to the skin. Consider keeping some on hand for those hot summer days when the makeup just wants to melt off our faces.

4. Deep Conditioner

The heat of summer can really dry our hair out. Deep conditioning hair restores its shine and keeps it looking and feeling soft. But there’s no reason to buy expensive deep conditioners from a store or salon when a little coconut oil may do the trick.

To use coconut oil as a deep conditioner:

  • Warm the oil. This can be done by rubbing the oil in the hands, microwaving (in a safe container) or heating in a pan.
  • Apply a small amount to the hair using a wide-tooth comb, beginning at the midsection and distributing to the ends of the hair. Coconut oil can also be applied to the scalp to reduce dryness, which may be more common in the summer months.
  • Leave on for 30 minutes or overnight for maximum hydration.
  • Shampoo the hair. It might be necessary to rinse the hair more than once to remove all of the coconut oil.

The end result should be shiny, silky hair. Repeat this treatment several times a week.

5. Eye Cream

Sun, salty air and drier conditions from air conditioning can all take a toll on the skin around our eyes in the summer months. But we may be able to replenish some of that moisture by using coconut oil in place of eye cream. It has excellent hydration properties and won’t harm delicate skin.

6. Frizz Tamer

Frizzy hair? Don’t worry! Coconut oil may come to the rescue. Just put some on the hands, and run them through the hair. Be careful not to get too much to prevent the hair from looking or feeling greasy. But a small amount may make the difference in reducing frizz.

7. Pre- (and Post-) Sun Care

Whether it’s putting a little on the skin before going outside or using it afterward for moisture and hydration, coconut oil may be a great sun care option. Coconut oil has been found to contain about 8 SPF. For added protection, apply sunscreen first and allow it to settle on the skin before using coconut oil.

It’s always better to be as safe and as careful as possible where sun damage is concerned. In case of a sunburn, though, coconut oil is great for reducing the burn and discomfort, too.

While we can’t (and shouldn’t) substitute coconut oil for everything this summer, there are some excellent ways to use and enjoy it. Before buying a host of other products for a summertime glow and healthier hair, stop and see what a little coconut oil might do. And enjoy the tropical scent!

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