Do Face Rollers Work? Experts Weigh In

Do Face Rollers Work? Experts Weigh In

4 Incredible Benefits of This Affordable Health Tool

( – There are so many beauty trends at the moment as everyone is looking for a youthful, more glowing appearance. One such trend is a face roller. Let’s explore what they are, what they reportedly do, and whether or not they work. With more information, we might determine whether face rollers are good investments for our beauty regimens.

Boosts Facial Circulation

After testing and research, experts like Suzanne Friedler suggest a face roller is an effective way to boost circulation. The key is understanding how the face roller works.

Generally made from jade, crystal or rose quartz, the handheld tool focuses on deep tissue massage to stimulate blood vessels and the lymphatic system. This gentle massage technique is handy for bringing blood vessels closer to the surface and allowing the lymphatic system to release pesky toxins.

Distributes Skincare Products

Face rollers can also act like mini-rolling pins for the face. They help distribute lotions, face creams and foundation evenly across the face. Using our hands to distribute makeup and skincare products can often leave ingredients behind or place too much in one area. Using a face roller helps with more even application, making the product more effective.

Helps Soothe Sinuses

Many of us deal with seasonal allergies or an occasional head cold. Instead of turning to over-the-counter meds, consider grabbing a face roller. For many of us, the cooling effect of the roller immediately feels comforting to the face. A gentle roll over sinuses and affected areas can help soothe and reduce inflammation. Tip: store the roller in the refrigerator or a cool spot for an added soothing effect.

Aids With Anxiety

For those who suffer from panic attacks or anxiety, a face roller may help divert racing thoughts, according to a Kyushu University study. The stimulation from face rolling seems to ground people, allowing them to concentrate on their surroundings. Ultimately, using a face roller may help stop a panic attack in its tracks.


Many ask if false claims are floating around about face rollers. The truth is, it doesn’t actually slim the face like some products claim. It contours, but it’s temporary. In addition, face roller hygiene is critical because it can unwittingly spread bacteria. Be sure to clean rollers before and after each use to avoid breakouts.

The way we can most effectively see whether a face roller really works is to try one out. There are many styles and materials available on the market with a myriad of price ranges. Everyone reacts differently, and one person may find more benefits than the next. It might be worth a try to find a new, luxurious, relaxing way to apply products or reduce inflammation. We’ll never know until we try.

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