Stressed Out? Corpse Pose to the Rescue

( – Relax! Easier said than done? A few yoga poses may be in order, with Savasana — the Corpse Pose — being at the top of the list.

The name might sound intimidating, but Corpse Pose has relaxing benefits and can be modified to work for almost anyone. Check out what we’ve uncovered.

What Is Corpse Pose?

Savasana, the “Corpse Pose,” is one of many positions yoga practitioners use to balance the mind and body. Yoga International explains that we can achieve this pose by lying on our backs, resting the arms and legs slightly away from the body and facing the palms of the hands upward.

Here is a tutorial on how to do this pose:

The act might seem simple, but Yoga Journal warns that many people initially find it difficult to lie still and relax for even a few minutes. The urge to move may feel overwhelming at first, but the practice can become a soothing, rejuvenating retreat over time.

How Does It Aid in Stress Relief?

Savasana teaches us to pay attention to the tension in our body, with a focus on relief and relaxation, while consciously slowing the breathing and quieting the mind. By lying in a way that comfortably supports the entire body all at once, we can address muscle tightness one spot at a time and replace it with calm release. Over time, the body begins to associate Corpse Pose with relaxation; with a little practice, we can rely on this pose as a go-to for stress relief.

Perfect for Meditation

Because it can be so relaxing, the Corpse Pose is an ideal choice for meditation. Let the body be still, bringing awareness to the different sensations that continue to arise, and let thoughts come and go as they please without judgment. Allow the breath to slow and the muscles to relax.

Meditation might not come easily at first, but with practice, it can become a tool for relieving anxiety, reducing physical stress on the body and alleviating tight muscles. Beginners can start by lying in the Corpse Pose (or variation of choice) for a minute or two a day and then building their way up.

Sometimes, a few minutes of quiet stillness are just what’s needed to refuel the mind and recharge the body. The Corpse Pose might seem simple or silly — until you actually try it for yourself. It’s more powerful than it looks.

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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