How to Make a Comfort Kit for When You’re Feeling SAD

How to Make a Comfort Kit for When You’re Feeling SAD
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( – Feeling down this winter? A lot of us are, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) may be adding to how we feel. Even for those who suffer from SAD, there are some bright ways to find comfort and happiness. We’ve got the scoop in the full article.

A SAD Comfort Kit May Help On Those More Difficult Days.

Find the Things That Bring You Joy

We all need some comfort now and then, and with SAD, that’s even more important. Yet, there are many joyful things in the world, and finding them can help us change our viewpoints and find our gratitude again. By choosing the things that bring us joy, creating a comfort kit is easier.

Anyone making a SAD comfort kit will want to think about the small things they like. It could be a favorite movie, a snack they enjoy, or a good book. Some of us might be helped by a hot bath with Epsom salts or scented oils, a weighted blanket or listening to nature sounds. By finding items that bring joy and having them close at hand, we give ourselves one way to battle SAD during the winter months. But our kits might also contain ideas as well as items.

Staying Warm and Cozy May Help

In winter, whether we’re staying home or bundling up to get out in nature for a little while, being warm is comforting to most of us and can foster feelings of contentment and reduce feelings of depression. Fuzzy sweaters, thick socks, and comfortable clothing all help add to the sense of coziness that can brighten the days.

The sunlight we experience on a walk outdoors may also boost our moods, and getting out in the sunshine is a good idea when dealing with SAD. For long stretches of days without sunlight during winter months, a lightbox may also help reduce feelings of depression. There are many lightboxes to choose from, but they all offer the same basic benefit. They work to boost mood through exposure to more natural light.

Include Some Nutritious Snacks

Eating right might be harder when dealing with SAD. By preparing simple, healthy things to eat, it’s easier to get good nutrition even when fixing a big meal isn’t realistic. There’s no reason to make elaborate meals when a healthy diet can consist of easy to create dishes. We can include some snacks or other comfort foods in moderation, too. Consider including walnuts and dark chocolate, both of which have been found to boost mood.

Add Some Physical Activity Items

Exercise is one of the best ways to fight depression, and that’s true of seasonal depressive issues like SAD, too. Going to the gym or having an elaborate exercise routine isn’t necessary to get the benefits, either. Even a 10-minute walk may help. Too cold to be outside? Walking around the house is still valuable.

How can we implement this into our comfort kit? We might include a workout DVD or some dumbbells. We might also include some music or an audiobook and a pair of headphones to listen to something fun and uplifting while walking around the block or on the treadmill.

There are many ways to combat SAD, and making a comfort kit with the things and ideas that keep you happy, healthy, and active is a great start. Those who don’t get enough benefit from those things, though, a visit to a healthcare provider may be in order. SAD doesn’t have to be a big part of winter anymore. With the right type of self-help — and professional guidance, if needed — we can all get through the winter a little happier, healthier and ready for spring.

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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