Your Skincare Routine Should Change With the Seasons: Here’s Why

Your Skincare Routine Should Change With the Seasons: Here's Why

I Need To Change My WHAT Seasonally?!

( – Life. It changes with the seasons. So does our skin. Everyone wants to feel their very best, and we want our appearance to shine. A skincare routine that protects the skin might be our first step to boasting vibrant, dewy skin. One focus should be on oils. Here are some ways implementing oils can boost our seasonal skincare routine.

Don’t Forget the SPF

Consistently throughout the seasons, we need to protect our skin against the sun’s harmful rays. Part of our daily skincare routine any day of the year should include safeguarding our skin. Not all SPFs are the same. The higher the number, the more protection — but formulations may be waterproof, moisturizing or even tinted.

Lipstick containing 30 SPF or more helps protect sensitive lip areas where skin cancer poses a slight risk when exposed to UV rays. Lotions that contain healing oils like rosehip,  in addition to SPF, are great for daily use.

Keep Skin Moisturized

Whether it’s the dog days of summer or the dead of winter, keeping skin moisturized daily is essential. It helps reduce the appearance of aging and prevents excess dryness. Moisturizers containing oils may boost skin hydration. Coconut and Argan are two oils that boost moisture levels.

Address Underlying Seasonal Skin Issues

While everyday care is needed to keep skin looking flawless, we can’t ignore what lies beneath. Conditions like eczema and acne can flare up unpredictably as a function of weather or temperature. In these cases, certain oils could make conditions worse. The first step is talking to your dermatologist about it. They may adjust prescription creams or medications so that your skin stays healthy.

Protect Skin From the Elements

Throughout the heat, wind and blistering cold, our skin needs protection from the weather. Something as simple as going into a cold building from the hot, salty, outside air can hurt the skin. Products containing oils like marula and jojoba provide an invisible layer of protection year-round.

For example, marula oil is high in amino and fatty acids and provides rich antioxidant support for the skin. It forms a protective barrier that shields sensitive skin layers from harm.

It’s important to have multiple products with various ingredients packed into our arsenal for daily skincare. As we travel and the weather changes, so should our facial regimen. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is because our skin takes the brunt of exposure in almost every temperature and humidity variation. If we arm ourselves with the good stuff, our complexions will thank us and glow!

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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