This TikTok Beauty Trend May Actually Treat Blemishes Fast

This TikTok Beauty Trend May Actually Treat Blemishes Fast

( – Let’s be honest about pimples: A really bad zit can seem invincible and eternal. Oh, we might try to use layers of foundation or even attempt to sculpt extra-long bangs to hide those blemishes.

And then we look in the mirror, and ugh! The anguish of acne has won.

What if an easy-to-use drugstore product could banish our blemishes? In the article below, discover the surprising TikTok beauty trend for zits that may actually work.

What Is the TikTok Beauty Trend for Blemishes?

Whether we call them zits, pimples, or acne, those red bumps on our faces aren’t very pretty. Many of us have spent considerable time and money trying to find ways to banish those blemishes. Now a new TikTok beauty trend promises to do just that.

One social media post about the popular pimple remedy even went viral. Using the hashtag #hydrocolloid, the user showed off her success in treating blemishes by applying hydrocolloid bandages.

Only one day after putting this special type of bandage on her zits, the user described her blemishes as “all just filled.” Garnering over 11.5 million views, the post has attracted attention for its simplicity and success.

Hydrocolloid bandages are designed to protect injuries, soaking up any excess fluid. But these patches also may provide an effective way to treat acne, as evidenced by the growing social media enthusiasm.

Is This Acne Remedy a Good Option?

Could these types of bandages actually be both safe and effective? Some dermatologists say “yes,” pointing to the following benefits of hydrocolloid bandages:

  • Fight Infection: By fighting infection and bacteria, hydrocolloid bandages may offer simple remedies for breakouts.
  • Suck Up Dirt: These types of bandages act like tiny vacuum cleaners to remove oil, fluids, and dirt.
  • Seal Impurities: After sucking out the causes of breakouts, hydrocolloid products transform the dirt and fluids into a substance that stays on the bandage. Experts recommend leaving the bandages on for about 48 hours before removing the product with its sealed-off impurities.

Because hydrocolloid bandages shown in the TikTok posts are large, there is the potential to irritate unblemished skin. Using a hole punch to turn the big bandages into tiny circles to put on blemishes may reduce that risk.

Does the TikTok Beauty Trend Work for All Blemishes?

We wish we had the ultimate cure-all remedy for all types of blemishes. But although hydrocolloid bandages may help with some types of pimples, others might need different treatments.

Dermatologists recommend hydrocolloid bandages specifically for blemishes that are red and contain fluid and for healing already open pimples. These products might also help cystic acne caused by oil, bacteria and dry skin cells.

Other types of acne products to consider include:

  • Pimple Stickers: Pimple stickers contain an ingredient designed to unclog pores, like salicylic acid, and may help with whiteheads and blackheads.
  • Topical Retinoids: Available in both prescription and over the counter (OTC) strengths, topical retinoids may ease breakouts by unclogging hair follicles.
  • Prescribed Medications: Tried a hydrocolloid bandage, pimple stickers, and OTC retinoids without success? For serious outbreaks of acne, check with your doctor. Prescription treatments like Accutane or oral antibiotics may be needed.

For those who struggle with blemishes, a bad breakout may seem like it just won’t go away. But advances in dermatology have resulted in more successful treatments. Combine science with social media, and the solution to our next pimple might be just one TikTok beauty trend bandage away! If this option doesn’t work, be sure to consult with a dermatologist to find out the best option for you.

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