The Part-Time Diet Plan Everyone Should Try


( – Vegan diets are more popular than ever before, but according to a recent Insider report, people who choose a mostly vegan diet can also reap some important health benefits. Going 100% vegan isn’t for everyone, but a plant-based diet with occasional meat and dairy could be the key to better health.

Check Out These 5 Benefits of Eating a Mostly Vegan Diet.

A Vegan Diet Can Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

Anyone with heart disease, or even a family history of it, should consider a mostly vegan diet. The risk of heart disease is significantly lower for people who eat mostly plant-based foods. Some people may find it hard to stick to a completely vegan diet, which is why some medical professionals are suggesting a mostly vegan diet. It allows meat and dairy in small quantities, but the overall, daily diet is plant based. This provides benefits in a way that more people can keep up with throughout their lives.

Blood Pressure Is Typically Lower in Vegans

There can be multiple reasons why vegans generally have lower blood pressure. One of the suspected reasons, according to Insider, is that a plant-based diet is generally lower in sodium. Because excess sodium in the diet can have an effect on blood pressure, people who eat a mostly vegan diet will get less salt overall. That can result in their blood pressure being lower than it would be otherwise, reducing their risks of high blood pressure problems as they age. Whether a person has high blood pressure already or simply wants to try to avoid the condition later on, a plant-based diet could be the key.

A Plant-Based Diet Can Mean Better Overall Heart Health

Heart disease and blood pressure are two of the biggest problems when it comes to heart health, but they aren’t the only ones. Heart valve issues, heart enlargement, a weakened heart and many other issues can occur in people who don’t take care of themselves. Sometimes these issues are genetic and really can’t be avoided, but a mostly vegan diet can reduce or eliminate some factors. For example, Mayo Clinic reports that cholesterol is typically lower in people who choose a plant-based diet.

Vegan Diets Benefit the Microbiome in the Gut

The heart isn’t the only place in the body that can benefit from a mostly vegan diet. The microbiome in the gut also improves in people who choose plant-based eating. A 2019 review published in Frontiers in Nutrition indicated that there are higher levels of stable and healthy gut bacteria in people who choose high-fiber vegan diets.

These beneficial bacteria flourish more easily when a person consumes more plants. This is because healthy bacteria thrive on certain plant fibers. The healthier the beneficial bacteria, the better balanced the gut. For people who choose to eat mostly plants, some meat or dairy on occasion isn’t going to damage that balance.

Inflammation in the Body Can Be Lowered With a Vegan Diet

People who have arthritis and other types of inflammatory conditions may find that a vegan diet can help them stay healthy and manage their conditions more easily. The Arthritis Foundation cites two studies showing people who ate vegan diets for as little as three weeks saw their markers for inflammation drop to lower levels. Reducing inflammation can positively affect everything from the joints to the heart.

Whether you’re thinking about cutting your meat intake as an animal rights issue or you’re considering it for the health benefits, you don’t have to give up meat and dairy completely to get benefits for your body. A mostly plant-based diet can be enough to make a significant difference in heart and gut health, and it may have additional benefits for people who have inflammatory conditions. If you don’t feel like you can stick to a strictly vegan diet, choosing plant-based options the majority of the time can still give your health a boost.

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