Sweaty Hair Hacks for Hot Days and Fierce Workouts

Sweaty Hair Hacks for Hot Days and Fierce Workouts

(AscendHealthy.com) – Whew, it’s hot! But a workout is in order, and sweat is inevitable. Exercise helps keep the body healthy and recharged, but heat and perspiration can take over, making us feel icky and looking far less than fresh. For many of us, our hair takes the brunt of the havoc. Is there a simple way to tame the mane? Check out these sweaty hair hacks for hot days and fierce workouts.

Use Hair Accessories

One of the best ways to beat the heat this summer and ward off sweat is to use hair accessories when possible. It’s a great way to keep hair up out of the face and off the skin. Fabric-coated elastic hair ties have replaced rubber bands to help pull long hair off the nape of the neck where sweat tends to build up the most. The fabric coatings help protect hair from damage.

Headbands and barrettes keep hair off of the forehead and sides of the neck. Some hair accessories like clips allow us to grab hair and make twirls, twists and small braids easily and then clip them in place.

When we feel a little sweat building on our scalps, that’s okay. We can whip up a quick hairstyle easier because of the moisture in the hair. And these suggestions apply across the board for guys or gals with long hair. Consider using a sweatband to keep sweat and gym grime from rolling down into the eyes.

Put Your Hair Up

Like men and their man buns, many women wear ponytails or buns to the gym. Many women define their personal styles based on their hair. So, some women may hesitate to implement an updo in response to a busy morning or a grueling workout. Yet, the additional moisture in the hair may work to our advantage.

Hair is less fly-away with additional moisture, creating the perfect conditions to create various buns, braids and wraps with hair. It’s also perfect timing for guys to grab hair bands and coil their hair into high, tight man buns.

Try Some Dry Shampoo

For those intense workouts on a hot, muggy morning, dry shampoo is another great tool to revitalize our looks. Use dry shampoo before a workout to absorb excess moisture and oils before sweating occurs.

To use, dry the scalp as much as possible with a towel, then apply the dry shampoo. Start at the roots and work it through the hair with a brush.

If some style and curl remain in the hair after a workout, applying a light amount of dry shampoo can help restore the look. Complete with a dash of hairspray!

Add a Little Water

Sometimes we just can’t get in the shower and wash our hair post-workout, but we can refresh our look by getting the hair a little wet. Go ahead and sport the wet look:

  • Add a spritz of water to the hair,
  • Scrunch the hair all over to lock down the look, and
  • Spray it in place using hairspray.

This styling technique brings out all the natural curls and waves. It may not be the perfect masterpiece, but it gives us a fantastic beachy, wind-blown, natural, easy-going look.

While a vigorous workout can leave our bodies feeling recharged, our hair may take a hit. But it doesn’t have to be disastrous, even on the busiest days. There are plenty of options. From up-dos to letting it flow naturally, it all depends on the heat, temps, environment and each person’s sense of style. No worries. The perfect summer awaits!

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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