How to Look and Feel Better by Giving Genuine Compliments

How to Look & Feel Better By Giving Genuine Compliments

( – Getting a compliment might make our whole day, but giving compliments may have a similar effect. Research shows it may not only make us feel better but could make us look better to ourselves and others. Let’s look at the science of lifting others up with our words.

Complimenting Others May Boost Our Mood

When we compliment other people, their reaction is often one of pleasant surprise. They smile. We smile back. It’s a good interaction and may leave us in a better mood. It’s nice to see the complimented person feeling happy and better about themselves. But it’s also nice to feel the happiness boost that comes along with giving compliments.

That boost in mood may last for a while, too. People who regularly compliment others — both loved ones and strangers — tend to be happier overall than people who don’t compliment others frequently. When we’re feeling down, one of the ways we may be able to feel better is to say something nice to someone else. It really helps.

Happy People Look Better to Themselves

When we look in the mirror, we see ourselves looking back at us. But how we feel about that reflection may be affected by how we’re interacting with others. If we’re giving compliments, we’re going to see ourselves as more attractive than if we don’t compliment people very often.

Part of the reason behind this is people who compliment others are happier and may feel better about themselves. They know they’re giving back to the world, and that gives them a feeling of value they might not otherwise have.

People Think Complimentary People Are More Attractive

Not only do we feel better about looking in the mirror when we give people compliments, but we also look better to others. Whether that comes from the joy radiating from us when we compliment others or another reason for it, giving compliments makes people see us as more attractive.

It may also be because complimenting others makes us seem kinder, more genuine, and likable. People are attracted to others who seem like good friends or partners and typically see those people as being more attractive, as well. Getting to know someone’s personality may genuinely make that person look more attractive physically, too.

Compliments Should Always be Genuine

For a compliment to have the desired effect on us — boosting our mood and making us look better — it needs to be sincere. Just going around saying nice things we don’t mean isn’t going to work. While it may still make the person we complimented feel better, most people can spot when a compliment isn’t sincere.

We also won’t get a mood boost from an insincere comment because, at that point, we’re mostly just lying to people. Not being genuine may have the opposite effect and could actually make us feel worse about things. In turn, we also won’t look as good to ourselves and others because we won’t feel good about ourselves.

When it comes to compliments, they’re nearly always welcome as long as they’re genuine and respectful. They may help people feel better, and they may also help us feel better by giving them. That makes us happier, and we’re seen as more attractive because of our joy and kindness. Sincere, honest compliments are a winning situation for everyone involved.

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