Do THIS and Say Goodbye to the Double Chin

Do THIS and Say Goodbye to the Double Chin
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( – Months of hitting the gym and diligently eating kale salads have finally paid off. It’s almost swimsuit season and time to showcase that hot body. The only problem is, after a closer look into the mirror, that double chin still remains. What to do?

We’ve found some exercises to help remove fat from the chin. Here are some effective ways to finally say goodbye to that embarrassing double chin.

Classic Jaw Jut

This technique is a common way to exercise the mentalis or chin muscle. The jaw jut starts by tilting the head back and looking toward the ceiling. Slowly push the lower jaw ahead until you can feel the muscle flex. Hold for 10 seconds. Relax and repeat 10 more times.

Another similar method for building those chin muscles is to tilt the head back, but then turn to the right and hold for 10 seconds and repeat with the left side.

Neck Stretch

The tongue is one of the main muscles that helps activate other muscles in the chin area, as well. To really get these areas toned, tilt the head back and look at the ceiling. Then simply press the tongue against the top of the mouth. Hold for up to 10 seconds and release.

This move helps strengthen chin muscles and smoothes out the area, reducing the appearance of a double chin.

Give a Pucker

Nothing like getting ready to land a big kiss on someone. Now is the time to perfect our smooch — and curb the appearance of a double chin.

Tilt the head back comfortably and stare at the ceiling. Now it’s time to pucker up. In the kissable position, feel the skin and muscles under the chin and along the neck tighten. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat.

Cool Tongue Stretch

The tongue has a lot to do with the muscles around the mouth, including our chin. Remember the grade school days when some kids would stick their tongues out as a taunt? Well, now, there’s a purpose to the practice of that classic tongue stretch! Simply stick the tongue out as far as possible.

Next, lift the tongue upwards toward the nose. Hold for 10 seconds and release. Repeat at least 10 to 15 times a day.

These are simple exercises we can do easily throughout the day. Implementing these techniques into our daily routines will help us build muscle. It may also improve skin elasticity in the chin and neck. Don’t be stuck with a pesky double chin. Try out some simple tricks to reduce chin fat and look and feel your best.

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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