Are You An Empath? 7 Signs You Might Be

Are You An Empath? 7 Signs You Might Be

7 Signs You Might Be an Empath

( – An empath is someone who tunes in to the world around them and others’ emotions more deeply. Sometimes, that can become overwhelming. But are you an empath? Here are seven ways to find out.

1. Your Intuition is Good

People who are empaths are intuitive, and they may often “just know” things without being given direct knowledge or information. They may feel like something is wrong before anyone tells them of a problem or recognize that someone is deceiving them even though they haven’t yet discovered the deception. They can tell when something about a person or place is “off.”

2. You’re Frequently Overwhelmed

Becoming overwhelmed and needing to get away from the noise, people, or a particular environment is common for empaths. They may prefer quieter activities and may struggle when they are up against tight deadlines or face too much to accomplish too quickly. While they are often very intelligent, empaths may need an accommodation to do their best work.

3. You May Have Trouble in Crowds

Crowds can be overwhelming and stressful for empaths because of all the mixed energy they provide. Everyone gives off energy and a “vibe” that an empath can feel, and experiencing that one-on-one is much easier than having many people nearby at once. An empath may prefer smaller get-togethers and avoid locations with several people around, especially if the environment is noisy or chaotic also.

4. You Feel Better In Nature

Getting out in nature is one of the best ways for an empath to feel calm and collected. Nature provides a lot of comfort and security for empaths because it may help them feel more grounded. It’s also relaxing and quiet, so an empath has the opportunity to truly rest and collect themselves before getting back out into the world where people and societal demands may make things more complicated again.

5. You Are Highly Sensitive

While being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) isn’t a medical term or diagnosis, research shows that approximately 20 to 30 percent of the population falls into this category. Highly Sensitive People feel things very deeply and think about things in ways that others may not. They often overthink things, as well, and can feel brokenhearted over other people’s pain and struggle. They may also receive extreme joy from little things and feel very happy over the small pleasures in life.

6. You Need Quiet Time to Recharge

Spending time with a good book and a cup of warm tea may be just the thing an empath needs. Quiet, soft music, the sound of rain, or even just white noise or silence are also often good ways for an empath to recharge their social batteries so they can get back out into the world. Most people who are empaths need plenty of alone time because being around people causes them to feel emotions strongly.

7. You Don’t Feel Like You Fit In

Empaths and HSPs may not “fit in” when it comes to societal norms. They may prefer quiet, solitary pursuits and shy away from parties and other big events. Empaths may also cry easily and have trouble with horror movies or anything that causes them to feel another person’s fear or pain. While not all empaths struggle with this, it’s relatively common for many people who carry the empath label.

Being an empath may mean having wonderful and heartfelt experiences, but it may also come with some difficulties. Recognizing who you are and what you need to feel your best may make being an empath easier and more rewarding in the long term.

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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