6 Reasons Eggs Are So Great For Weight Loss

6 Reasons Eggs Are So Great For Weight Loss

(AscendHealthy.com) – Eggs have been the subject of controversy for quite some time – first, they’re bad for you, then they’re not. The good news is that eggs are not only perfectly safe with minimal, if any, impact on your cholesterol, but they may also be incredibly beneficial to your weight loss efforts.

How Eggs Influence Weight Loss

Eggs are known for packing a nutritional punch, but a lot of us were taught to fear the yolk as a high-calorie, high-cholesterol behemoth. The reality is that eating eggs can have a host of benefits, many of which contribute to weight loss.

Consider the following benefits:

  • Eggs are low in calories. If the average egg is just under 80 calories, and the average person eats 2-4 per meal, you can average a nice 3-egg meal at about 240 calories. Pair with a healthy serving of vegetables, and you’ll be able to enjoy a filling, low-calorie meal that packs a nutritional punch.
  • Eggs can help lower overall calorie consumption. Researchers at Saint Louis University explored the effect eggs had on overweight and obese patients. They found those who ate eggs each morning consumed fewer calories over the next 36 hours than those who ate carb-heavy meals.
  • Eggs are a good source of protein. The average large egg contains around 7 grams of high-quality protein. Diets high in protein are thought to reduce blood-sugar fluctuations, which means you’ll crave less food.
  • Eggs can boost your metabolism. The yolk of a large egg contains around 145 milligrams (or 25% of your daily value) of choline — a metabolism-boosting nutrient. Choline has been linked to a lower body mass in female athletes.
  • Eggs are full of essential nutrients. Eggs contain antioxidants (like lutein and zeaxanthin), as well as vitamin D. These are great for bone health, protecting vision, and immune function. A body without nutritional deficiencies has better odds of shedding weight.
  • Eggs can help improve thyroid function. Some of the nutrients in eggs, like selenium and iodine, are critical to thyroid function. A healthy thyroid means a healthy metabolism, allowing you to more efficiently regulate your weight.

It doesn’t matter how you eat your eggs. Scramble them, hard boil them for a cool snack, add them to a wrap, make a veggie omelet or even stir some whites into your oatmeal. Fry them up once in a while, too – just don’t go overboard on the extra fatty oils. Splitting 2-4 eggs up over the course of a meal or two each day may be just what you need to fuel your body and shed a few unwanted pounds!

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