Wait. There’s An Actual Benefit to Screen Time?

Wait. There's An Actual Benefit to Screen Time?

(AscendHealthy.com) – Many of us treat screen time as an enemy. But when used correctly, there may be important benefits to it for kids and adults. Let’s explore the benefits of screen time in the article below.

Is Screen Time Harming Eyesight?

The idea that too much time staring at a screen is bad for the eyes isn’t new. Fortunately, new research has shown that the damage might not actually be occurring. What is happening is a change in visual perception — and that may be a good thing, overall. People must adapt to their environment, and it’s no secret that the human environment has included more screen time than ever before.

What Does the Research Say?

Recent research is showing that, yes, screen time does change how people see the world. That’s particularly true in young adults, whose eyesight is very adaptable to changes and new environments. But the fears that eye damage was occurring may be unfounded. Instead, the researchers found that the adaptations actually helped people see their screens better and have less eye strain.

Those benefits translate to the “real world,” too, in that eye strain when not looking at a screen didn’t increase. People’s eyes adapt to all types of visual stimuli in their environments, from forests to cityscapes and more. The current working hypothesis is that screens are simply another environment — one that people’s eyes will adapt to in the same way their eyes would adapt to changes in their natural surroundings.

What Does That Mean for the Future?

As with any change in environment, people evolve and adjust to incorporate change. This adaptation is what researchers believe is happening with screen time and its potential benefits. The world will only use more screen time in the future, and those who cannot adapt to that may end up struggling. Those who can more readily change and adjust their eyesight to screen time may accomplish more in the future. Essentially, it’s evolution at work on a very small scale.

No matter what people’s perception of screen time is, good or bad, research seems to indicate that there’s no harm in it when it comes to eye health. That’s good news for those spending a lot of time with their screens now or in the future. As screen time becomes even more necessary, adaptability may be what protects new generations and their eye health.

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