5 Beauty Tricks To Treat a Chapped Nose

5 Beauty Tricks To Treat a Chapped Nose

(AscendHealthy.com) – Everything from colds to seasonal allergies may cause our noses to get red and chapped. Fortunately, we can use a lot of great beauty tricks to treat the chapping and tone down the redness quickly.

1. Choose the Right Tissues

When tissues rub the delicate skin of the nose, they can create redness and dryness. By blotting the tissue instead of rubbing, we may reduce damage on the skin on and around the nose.

Also, there are tissues on the market that have more aloe and moisturizers in them. Choosing a tissue that contains lotion or vitamin E may reduce the irritation that frequent nose-blowing might create. One of the biggest tricks for treating a chapped nose is to prevent or minimize chapping.

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Our skin needs good hydration, and a lot of that comes from inside. When we drink plenty of water, we help our skin get what it needs to stay healthy and strong. Using a vaporizer may be another way to hydrate the skin by increasing humidity in the air to increase skin protection.

Be sure to avoid taking hot showers to reduce damage to the skin around the nose. Because it’s sensitive and may dry out more easily, the hot water may add to the drying effect and actually make a chapped nose worse.

3. Skip the Exfoliation

A lot of people exfoliate their skin, and that’s usually a good idea. Exfoliation helps keep skin healthy and glowing. But when a nose is already chapped, exfoliation may make things worse. That’s because the skin is sensitive and damaged if it’s chapped, and exfoliation may damage the skin further at that point.

While exfoliation is generally the right choice, take a few days off when a chapped nose is a problem. For those who choose to exfoliate, stay away from the nose until all chapped skin fully heals.

4. Choose the Right Oils

Using an unscented moisturizer with vitamin E oil mixed in is one of the best ways to treat a chapped nose. It helps to increase the skin’s barrier function and adds to the level of protection so the chapping doesn’t worsen and may heal faster.

In addition to vitamin E, adding eucalyptus oil to the moisturizer may reduce the chapping and the redness it causes. This oil is also good for protecting the skin’s barrier and for relieving congestion. With some congestion relief, there may be less need to use tissues, which might also mean less chapping.

5. Use the Right Moisturizer

The right moisturizer may make a difference when treating a chapped nose. Any moisturizer will likely be better than none at all, but choosing a hydrating product might provide an extra healing boost.

A moisturizer with ingredients such as beeswax and olive oil may mean less discomfort. The same is true for anything that contains cocoa butter. These options are often better at hydrating and healing than other moisturizers, so they may reduce the time it takes for the skin to heal.

Preventing a chapped nose is best, if possible. But sometimes, it’s just not realistic to avoid some chapping. That’s especially true with significant allergies or a bad cold. By following these beauty tricks, we may feel better faster and have less redness around the nose, allowing us to get on with our day.

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