You Won’t Believe the Benefit This Berry Has to Offer

You Won't Believe the Benefit This Berry Has to Offer

[READ NOW] The Powerful Berry Proven to Fight Cancer

( – All edible berries have health benefits, but one has nutritional benefits that far surpasses all the others. For people predisposed to certain types of cancers, it might even be a lifesaver.

Powerful Cancer Fighter

All fruits and non-starchy vegetables appear to reduce the risks of oral cancers. Combined with reduced alcohol consumption and the cessation of all tobacco products, increased fruit intake may reduce risks for mouth, pharynx and larynx cancers by 60%. Black raspberries could even prevent cancers in people with precancerous lesions.

One study used a gel composed of 10% freeze-dried black raspberry powder on different severities of precancerous mouth lesions. After just 6 weeks, half of the malignant tissue noted at the beginning of the study disappeared; in all, nearly 65% of the participants showed at least some measurable benefit from the black raspberry gel.

An expanded, 3-month trial with an added placebo showed even more impressive results: over 70% of the lesions treated with the placebo grew, while over 76% of those treated with the black raspberry gel got smaller. 41% of those patients continued to see improvements beyond the study period.

Packed With Nutrients

One reason these sweet, juicy fruits are so beneficial may be their incredible nutrient profile. According to the Oregon Raspberry and Blackberry Commission, black raspberries have some of the highest antioxidant amounts among all berries. The Berry Health Benefits Network claims they can protect against breast, cervical, colon and esophageal cancers. Also, the group notes anti-inflammatory properties along with cardiovascular and neurological health protection.

Identifying Black Raspberries

Identify That Plant offers a few simple tips for identifying black raspberries:

  • Black raspberries look a lot like blackberries, so look for berries with a dark black color.
  • Look at the underside of the berry; black raspberries have hollowed indentations in their center, whereas blackberries have a visible base in them.
  • If picking off the vine, black raspberry brambles are identifiable by blackberry-like leaves, rounded, bluish stocks and nearly white undersides of their leaves.
  • Healthline adds that black raspberries are sweet, whereas blackberries are tarter.

Black raspberries could do far more than add to a nutritious diet; in some cases, they may even help reverse pre-cancer. Enjoy this seasonal fruit fresh or add it to a favorite recipe — and enjoy it liberally. The benefits could be lifesaving.

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