You Don’t Need These 5 Things to Get Fit in 2023

You Don't Need These 5 Things to Get Fit in 2021

( – The new year is almost here. With that come many resolutions and aspirations for a healthy and productive year ahead. Weight loss is always at the top of the list. But there are some gadgets and items geared toward consumers to make them dip into their pocketbooks. These are the things you should avoid buying before January 1st.

1. High-Tech Gym Equipment

When thinking of some of the biggest names in gym equipment, the one with the fancy monitor that talks to you come to mind. Sure, it’s nice to have someone telling you to pick up the pace and not give up, but there are cheaper choices other than those that resemble the cost of a used car.

Go to a thrift store or hit up a local online Marketplace. Chances are, you’ll find a serviceable used treadmill and weights for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Better yet, get a yoga mat and start doing sit-ups and cardio right in your living room.

2. Workout Clothes

Fitness queens and celebrities alike are coming up with designer duds that are super cute — but cost a small fortune. Their advertisements imply you need to look super chic when heading out to the gym.

Some styles are tempting to buy because you know you’ll look hip at the gym, but watch out. They may have a low upfront price, but some companies may draw you in with a monthly subscription that will add up. If you stick to cheaper workout clothes from discount department stores, they still do the same job as the pricier options.

3. Fancy Water Bottles

There are a ton of water bottle styles available for purchase. They range in price across the board with everything from different materials, colors, and tops. But a fancy, hip water bottle won’t cause you to get any healthier. A regular water bottle or refillable one from the 99-cent store will suffice. Just remember the 8×8 rule and drink 64 ounces of water per day in 8-ounce servings for optimal health.

4. Workout Recovery Gear

Companies are trying to bank off the workout industry to get customers to spend money. Do you have tired, sore muscles from a workout? Workout recovery items are a hot commodity, but you don’t really need them. Compression boots, vibrating rollers, and infrared-infused bed sheets may sound appealing but not required. Instead, try hot and cold packs on sore muscles and get plenty of rest.

5. Expensive Supplements and Meals

There are plenty of supplements out there advertised to help with muscle growth and recovery. Or pills that claim to help you lose weight. They appear to offer a fast track to success. In reality, the only person who can do that is you. You have to put in the hard work and determination.

Watch out for meal delivery programs. They are only for convenience. Take the time and prepare your own healthy food for the week.

Support your health now by getting in cardio every day. Fulfill nutritional needs by eating healthy and getting plenty of fluids. Most of all, don’t overwork your muscles and get plenty of rest each night. Buying expensive health and fitness items won’t make it any easier to attain your weight loss goals. Good old discipline and hard work will get you there faster without making your wallet lose too much weight.

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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