World’s Longest Living Populations: 5 Tips to Help You Live to 100

World's Longest Living Populations: 5 Tips to Help You Live to 100

BLUE ZONE CONFESSIONS: Lifestyle Tips from the 100+ Club

( – Ever wondered what the secret is to living to 100? Living a happy and long life is something to strive for. It takes a combination of genetics, lifestyle, and good nutrition habits to achieve it. So how can you live a better, happier and longer life? Follow these tips researchers have uncovered from some of the longest-lived populations to learn how you might live your best each day.

Learning From Those Living in a Blue Zone

When speaking about centenarians, experts often refer to a location called the “Blue Zones.” These are areas in the world where a large percentage of people 100 years or older reside. These individuals share similar lifestyle habits, which might be a strong contributing factor to their longevity.

Areas are scattered from Loma Linda, California, all the way to Sardinia, Italy. These locales show lower risks of certain diseases and conditions ranging from renal and endocrine conditions to less cognitive decline. In general, people in these areas are healthier and live longer than the rest of the population.

Follow the 80% Rule

Following a plant-based diet is something that most of the people living in the Blue Zones have in common. Another important factor many share is that they only eat until their stomach is about 80% full.

Being in tune with our bodies before and while eating can help prevent us from consuming extra calories. This tip is also helpful for slowing down while eating, which may aid in digesting food easier.

Get Out and Get Active

Another thing that most centenarians have in common is that they remain very active daily. They walk instead of drive whenever possible. To follow their example, if we can’t walk to work or school, getting our daily cardio in becomes even more important. We can add more steps throughout the day by parking further from the entrances of stores or using the stairs instead of the elevator, for instance.

Enjoy Some Wine and Conversation

Consuming a few glasses of wine each week may lengthen the human lifespan. Wine contains flavonoids that are rich in antioxidants. Balancing antioxidants, especially as we age, may help prevent heart disease and lower stress at the same time.

Want to make double the impact? Drink wine frequently with loved ones or anyone that loves to engage in happy conversation. Spend time breaking bread with those you adore. It not only improves mental wellbeing, it’s simply good for the soul!

Have a Sense of Purpose

The secret to living a long life is to believe in yourself and have a true sense of purpose. This could be anything from:

  • Experiencing a strong spiritual connection.
  • Engaging in a hobby or activity.
  • Volunteering time or money to a favorite charity.
  • Writing thoughts and memories in a journal.
  • Cooking new or special recipes.
  • Playing games or sports.
  • Teaching, coaching or mentoring others.

Drive and excitement should awaken you every morning. Your sense of purpose should be your inspiration to get out of bed and have something to look forward to. Find something that generates ambition in your soul.

With medical advancements and preventative care, more people all over the world are living a full, rounded life well past the average life expectancy. But it starts from within. Having an active mindset every day means nourishing the mind, body and soul. One thing to really look forward to? Blowing out 100 candles on that birthday cake!

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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