Why You Really Need to Know About 5G Technology

Why You Really Need to Know About 5G Technology

(AscendHealthy.com) – The next generation of cellular telecommunications has arrived using millimeter Wave (mmW) high-frequency bands. Enticing us with higher speeds and greater bandwidth, 5G looks like a dream come true, whisking us into a high-tech future where cars drive themselves and virtual reality is commonplace. But could there be a hidden nightmare to this new technology that could impact our health in the long term?

Here’s What You Need to Know About 5G Technology.

What is 5G Technology?

Short for “5th generation,” 5G is the latest in cellular broadband connections, offering faster service for a larger number of customers. Like 4G LTE, the service most of us are most likely to be using these days, 5G works using one of three spectrum bands:

  • Low-band spectrum is the most commonly used band in the United States. Its towers are able to reach longer ranges, with signals that can penetrate most buildings. It can also become noticeably congested during peak times.
  • Mid-band spectrum has faster peak speeds, but some buildings may block out its signals.
  • High-band spectrum offers the fastest signals, but they’re also the most likely to get blocked out of buildings. Signals also can’t carry as far, which means more towers are necessary to keep service consistent.

Cell phone companies are currently working to enable 5G coverage on all bands. T-Mobile will be a major player in the low-band 5G market, with Sprint carrying the mid-band and Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile building the high-band 5G market. Verizon will also begin using millimeter waves, previously unused in the cell phone market, which will likely offer faster connections than the three currently available bands.

Is 5G Safe?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) both maintain that cell phone radiation is safe under current regulations, but some researchers aren’t convinced. A National Toxicology Program (NTP) study showed a correlation between 5G’s radiofrequency exposure and certain cancers. In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has listed cell phone radiation as a possible carcinogen for humans.

Researchers in over 40 countries are voicing their concerns over the potential threats 5G technology could pose to humans and wildlife. They’re imploring authorities to consider more research before moving forward any further.

According to Scientific American, millimeter waves may cause damage to the immune, cardiovascular and peripheral nervous systems in the short term; longer exposure times could lead to testicular damage and melanoma of the skin and eyes. The threats may be even greater to children, whose heads might absorb over 150% of the radiation of an adult’s.

Clearly, more research is needed to ensure everyone’s safety as the technology advances. Until we know more, it’s important to practice cell phone safety, keeping your phone away from your head and body as often as possible, especially when you’re downloading files or have a low signal. Like it or not, 5G is on its way, so be as safe as you can about your cell phone usage as the faster speeds move toward your city.

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