What Your Dreams Are Trying to Tell You

What Your Dreams Are Trying to Tell You

Decode Your Dreams: 5 Hidden Meanings

(AscendHealthy.com) – Everyone looks forward to a peaceful slumber. A dream or two might also be nice, especially when we can remember them. Experiencing a memorable or recurring dream may leave us wondering: Is this trying to tell me something?

We’ve found some interesting information about dreams. Let’s explore what our dreams may be trying to tell us.

Unresolved Issues

When we have a lot of unresolved issues in our lives, those issues can affect the subconscious. Maybe it was an argument with a loved one, or an ex-partner who left without saying goodbye. While we may try to hide and block out resentment or the sadness caused by certain events, those feelings can resurface in dreams. Finding ourselves waking up sad or thinking about a past event might prompt us to try to settle underlying issues or talk them out. It may help us to move forward.

Something Weighs Heavy On Your Mind

Sometimes we fall asleep with thoughts racing in our heads. It might be an upcoming surgery or a job change. Often, things we fall asleep thinking about can turn up in our dreams. They may manifest in different scenarios or even negative or scary situations. Maybe falling asleep while trying to figure out how to pay for that looming tax bill prompts a dream of an angry dog chasing you into a dark forest. What a crazy and scary dream. The anxiety that we may feel about situations in our waking life can transfer to our dreams.

If something weighs heavy on our minds, we can try using self-affirmation talk before bed. Reassuring ourselves that we can find solutions for the things that are in our control may help. Letting go of what’s out of our control may help, too.

Underlying Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias can often manifest themselves through dreams. A dream may start happy and then end with a tornado crashing down and destroying everything. Or perhaps we come home in our dream to find thousands of spiders everywhere. The result might be waking in a cold sweat.

This is an example of having a beautiful life and being interrupted by a phobia, fear or trauma. If this becomes a pattern or bothersome, we may need counseling or exposure therapy for underlying issues.

Missing Someone

That inner ache of losing a loved one never really goes away. Some of us subconsciously can’t let go of someone who has passed on. While we each grieve in our own time and way, guilt or obsessive thoughts can manifest in our dreams.

When loved ones and people who have died appear in dreams, it might make it harder to move on and find joy in the day. Sometimes acknowledging loved ones’ deaths can make it easier to let go. It doesn’t mean we forget about them; we’re just accepting their deaths and letting go.

No Underlying Cause

Sometimes, there may be no explanation or reason why we dream what we do. The brain tries to tackle unresolved emotional issues through dreaming. The brain creates scenarios using our memories.

This is why sometimes a wacky dream involving certain people or places may not flow or make sense. That’s ok, and there is no reason for us to wrack our brains trying to decipher a hidden meaning. Sometimes, a dream is just a dream.

In reality, dreams often make no sense. They can be a jumble of scrambled emotions. When the mind is at rest, it doesn’t shut down completely. Sometimes those thoughts trigger dreams that we remember in the morning. The mind is a complex organ, and science may never figure it out. While some dreams may convey messages, others are simply a way for our minds to decompress from the rigors of the day. Relax, stay calm, and try to enjoy the show.

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