What Going 30 Days Without Alcohol Could Do for Your Body

What Going 30 Days Without Alcohol Could Do for Your Body

(AscendHealthy.com) – How often do you drink? An occasional alcoholic beverage isn’t likely to affect your health, but regular drinking may damage your body over time. If you do consume alcohol on a regular basis, here’s what going 30 days without could do for you.

Learn About the Benefits of Going Alcohol-Free for 30 Days.

You Might Lose Weight

It’s a sobering fact: Alcohol can make you gain weight. A 12-ounce beer will add 150 calories to your daily tally, and just 5 ounces of wine will add 100 calories. But that’s nothing — a pina colada or another similar sweet mixed drink can easily pack on 500 calories in just 7 ounces. People are also more likely to choose unhealthy foods while they’re under the influence, and all of that can add up quickly. Giving up alcohol could mean skipping out on a lot of extra calories, and you might see the scale move in the right direction.

You Might Sleep More Soundly

It may seem like it’s helping you get to sleep quicker, but alcohol in the evenings may mess with your sleep schedule. Alcohol keeps people in the lighter sleep stages, rather than allowing them to fall into a deep, restful cycle. It may also only help you sleep for as long as the effects last, leading to you to wake more often in the middle of the night. Cutting out the alcohol for 30 days might lead to your best month of sleep ever.

Your Head May Feel Clearer

Excessive alcohol use can lead to changes in brain function, depression, increased anxiety and even psychotic symptoms. Even moderate consumption may lead to atrophy of the brain and cognitive decline over enough time. See what 30 days without any alcohol might do for your mental acuity.

You Might Lower Some Health Risks

So many health risks may result from alcohol use, so even a short break might do wonders for your overall health. You might improve your digestive, cardiovascular and bone health, as well as the state of your pancreas and liver. You might also find your blood sugar is also easier to control.

Alcohol can have so many effects on the body, which can depend on how often and how much you drink. Even a short break could make a huge difference. Why not find out what 30 days without alcohol could do for you?

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