What Does Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish Say About Your Personality?

What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Reveals About Your Personality

(AscendHealthy.com) – Ah! The leaves have fallen and a crisp breeze bustles by. With that, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The scents of turkey, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie fill the entire house.

Everyone has their own ideas about what their perfect holiday feels like. But did you know that your preference for your favorite holiday dishes might actually reveal aspects of your personality? So what does your favorite Thanksgiving dish say about you? Read more to find out.


Let’s talk turkey. It’s the star of the Thanksgiving table, and you’re all about the main event! Turkey is a semi-healthy food that you want on your plate. It’s honest and straightforward, like you. Hey, a second helping might even be in order.

While you watch your waistline by avoiding holiday pies and treats, you don’t back down from making turkey sandwiches a few days following the big meal. Leftovers are a must!

Your love for turkey means you don’t throw a lot away and try to reuse items as much as possible. You’re a smart spender and an awesome saver.


Turkey might be the star of the show, but you wait all year long, mouth-watering, for Thanksgiving stuffing! Whether it’s from a box or a cherished recipe that’s been passed down from grandma, stuffing and family define Thanksgiving for you! There’s something so warm and wonderful about the sage and spices. Stuffing almost defines the warm, cuddly person you are.

Not that you won’t compete to make your wishes come true by breaking the wishbone with a cousin. But you’re a good sport, and you’ll consider another helping of stuffing as a consolation prize if you lose.

Green Bean Casserole

If you love a good green bean casserole, it means you adore classic comfort food. You love a quick-to-fix meal and prefer saving time over counting calories. This makes you simple at heart. Cream soups and canned veggies are likely always in your cupboard. And it’s ok to live large today, it’s Thanksgiving! It only comes around once a year.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Well, pass that dish and hush my mouth! You may not be Southern by birth, but if sweet potato casserole is your favorite dish, it just might bring out the Dixie in your soul. These sweet, gooey delights topped with marshmallows swimming in butter are not exactly diet-friendly, but once a year, who cares? They’re delightful!

And if sweet potato casserole inspires you to wear your Sunday best to share supper, that just can’t be wrong. Much like this dish, you are sweetness personified. There isn’t a mean bone in your body, and you generally make everyone feel at home and welcome.

Cranberry Sauce

If you adore cranberry sauce to liven up your turkey or dressing with a zing of fruit tang, you might be the element of fun the gathering desperately needs to liven everything up! You always have new and interesting things going on in life and you’re never at a loss for a comeback when one-liners make their way around the table! Just like your favorite side dish, you brighten up the place a bit with your smart, sassy attitude.

Mashed Potatoes

This hearty side dish is something you expect with the main dish every Thanksgiving. If you crave a heaping helping of warm, steamy potatoes, it means you have a tried and true personality. People look up to you as a leader and confidant. You always show up to every family event, and people count on you. You’re solid — and not just because you love this Thanksgiving staple.

Plain Veggies

Every table has them. Those plain, steamed veggies that sit at the corner of the holiday table. They lack butter or salt, and they might be a little overcooked. But these dishes are your go-to. You may sneak a bite of pie or a splash or three of gravy on your mashed potatoes, but still, you try to stay healthy. If you love plain vegetables with your Turkey, you’re a true health nut. You’re dedicated and disciplined, even during the holidays.

Pumpkin Pie

Is it the tasty pumpkin pie or the billowing tower of whipped cream on top that attracts you most? More than likely, it’s both. Turkey Thursday is the perfect time to indulge in holiday treats, and pies tend to disappear fast. If you love pumpkin pie, you enjoy life in the moment, with no regrets. You love to have fun and are the life of the party.

Which of these holiday foods fits your personality? Maybe you’re a little bit of each! No matter what your favorite Thanksgiving dish says about you, the holiday is more than that. Hopefully, we all bring thanks and gratitude for today and a year’s worth of abundance to the table. It’s time to come together, varied personalities and all, and count our many blessings. Happy eats!

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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