What Do Your Eyebrows Say About Your Personality?

What Do Your Eyebrows Say About Your Personality?

(AscendHealthy.com) – William Shakespeare famously declared that the eyes are the “window to your soul.” But is it just our eyes that may reveal depths about our true selves?

As it turns out, certain aspects of our eyebrows may also offer insights. Learn what these facial features may reveal about your personality below.

Understanding the Art of Eyebrow Reading

Experts in facial reading say we can learn about others and ourselves by analyzing our appearance. Their practice, physiognomy, interprets different aspects of how we look, especially our faces.

In particular, eyebrow analysis may offer insights into our personality. Find your eyebrow match below, including your celebrity brow twin:

  • Short Eyebrows: If we have short eyebrows like Britney Spears, we may prefer to avoid stressful situations. We might tend to steer clear of other people’s drama and limit how many close friends we have.
  • Rounded Eyebrows: Having rounded eyebrows like Beyoncé may show our consideration for other people’s needs. Our tactful personality might result in decisions that satisfy everyone involved. We may prefer to be with others rather than isolate ourselves.
  • Long Eyebrows: Those of us with long eyebrows, such as Eva Mendes, may be skilled at coping with stressful situations. Our inner strength and ambition might help us to assist friends while succeeding in our careers.
  • Thin Eyebrows: If we have thin eyebrows like Taylor Swift, we may experience self-doubt. We might trust what others say, but our cautious personality may keep us safe.
  • Straight Eyebrows: Straight eyebrows that look like Jessica Alba’s may reveal our logical personalities. We might tend to be deliberate and value careful planning over impulsive actions.
  • High Eyebrows: Eyebrows resembling Megan Fox’s curved, high brows may show our sensitivity. We might have a perfectionistic personality and tend to be reserved. We may need time to become acquainted with new people in our lives.

What We Can Learn From Bushy Eyebrows

We may not need to specialize in facial reading to match eyebrow characteristics to personality types. Insider reports that a recent study showed that volunteers correctly identified individuals with bushy, distinctive eyebrows as having narcissistic tendencies.

Researchers first took photos of university students and administered personality tests to reveal which students had narcissistic traits. Volunteers then rated the photos on a scale, where 1 indicated no narcissistic qualities and 8 revealed extreme narcissism.

Researchers told the participants to define narcissism as “egotistical, self-focused, and vain.” After analyzing their ratings and conducting additional tests, the study concluded that eyebrows are the facial feature that may reveal a narcissistic personality.

But these experts also pointed out a potential downside to judging others based only on their eyebrow characteristics. The researchers noted that makeup and grooming may affect our eyebrows’ appearance. For example, people with thin, short eyebrows might apply eyebrow pencil and highlighter to make their eyebrows appear thicker and even bushy. Alternatively, individuals with thick, bushy eyebrows may pluck or wax their brows to make them look thin or even sparse.

It’s fun to study our eyebrows and our friends’ brows to see if the facial readers’ interpretations are valid. But just like reading someone’s horoscope to decide whether to date them, we might want to be cautious about using these analyses as the only criteria. Inner traits, such as kindness, rather than appearance may offer a healthier choice.

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