4 Ways to Recover from an Emotional Hangover

Ways to Recover From an Emotional Hangover

(AscendHealthy.com) – An emotional hangover is that feeling of exhaustion and discomfort that comes from a traumatic event. Not experiencing one at all would be the best option, but preventing them from happening isn’t always easy or possible. Even if you can’t avoid an emotional hangover, there are ways to lessen its effects. Here are some recovery tips.

An Emotional Hangover Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Day.

Treat the Physical Symptoms

People often ease a typical hangover with over-the-counter remedies, and an emotional hangover is no different. Pain relievers and anti-nausea medications may help us start to feel like ourselves again. It’s also a good idea to get enough sleep, if possible.

If sleeping or resting isn’t an option due to life obligations, consider which of those obligations might be moved to a different day or time. Taking it easy may make a big difference in how someone with an emotional hangover is feeling.

Choose Well-Balanced Meals

Eating right is generally a good idea, and with an emotional hangover, it may be even more critical. Well-being and energy levels both rise with good nutrition. Choosing a meal that’s comforting but also healthy may reduce emotional hangover symptoms. But be sure to avoid foods that can cause or increase anxiety, such as alcohol, coffee, candy, and anything with caffeine.

Get Yourself Moving

Even when it doesn’t sound like any fun, exercise might be a good mood booster and a way to reduce the effects of an emotional hangover. That’s because working out has several benefits for mental health. It’s been proven to reduce depression and anxiety and may improve mood, regardless of other circumstances. Hiking, dancing, running, swimming, bicycling or even just taking a walk are all ways to potentially reduce emotional hangover problems.

Find a (Healthy) Way to Escape

Escaping from reality for a little while may offer a bit of a “reset” for an emotional hangover. Meditation and reading are two particularly good choices many people enjoy, but they aren’t the only options. Finding a way to safely escape from reality for a bit may make an emotional hangover less stressful and help anyone experiencing this type of discomfort feel more like themselves again.

While it might not be possible to avoid every emotional hangover, getting past it and moving on with life is the goal. While some of these ideas may help, your ways of recovering may look different. The important part is finding what works for us as individuals so we can feel more like ourselves again. In some cases, reaching out to a mental health professional may be an ideal option to treat emotional hangovers and issues like depression and anxiety that may come along with them.

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