This Type of Sugar Has 5 Surprising Benefits (Really!)

This Type of Sugar Has 5 Surprising Benefits - Really!

( – The aging process is unavoidable. With all the lotions, potions and procedures available, it’s a challenge to decide what’s best. What if the solution was a type of sugar that the body already makes? Read ahead to see what role this sugar molecule, Hyaluronic acid, plays in both cosmetic and overall health.

1. It Helps Relieve Joint Discomfort

As we age, bone health changes. Many of us begin to develop conditions like osteoarthritis as our bones show signs of wear and tear. Hyaluronic acid comes into play because it helps lubricate joints, relieving pain and improving range of motion. Taking a supplement may help reduce pain caused by arthritis and other debilitating bone and joint conditions.

2. It Speeds Wound Healing

Hyaluronic acid may also help with wounds. It regulates inflammation levels and signals the body to rebuild blood vessels in the damaged areas by stimulating collagen production. Applying it directly to wounds may help reduce the overall wound size and decrease pain. It also contains antibacterial properties to assist in preventing infections.

3. It Makes Skin Appear Healthier

As we age, our skin may begin to look wrinkled or tight. An HA supplement may add a supple texture to your skin. It may reduce dry skin and increase moisture levels significantly. The lubricating sugar might also reduce the effects of harmful UV rays, smoke, and air pollution. By increasing moisture retention and collagen production, HA may help restore a more youthful skin texture.

4. It Soothes Acid Reflux

Many people look for solutions to their indigestion and acid reflux. Taking pills and drastically changing the diet can be frustrating. Hyaluronic acid may be a viable alternative. It may help soothe and heal the sensitive skin in the esophagus damaged from regurgitation and acid build-up.

Not only can it help damaged tissue in the repair process, but it may also decrease the symptoms of GERD.

5. It Relieves Dry Eye

Chronic dry eye is a troubling condition that affects millions of adults. Whether it’s from reduced tear production or underlying eye disease, it’s irritating and painful. Hyaluronic acid may help lubricate the eye and keep patients from experiencing excessive dryness.

You may want to consult your healthcare team before adding any supplement to your regimen, but it might be worth discussing the addition of hyaluronic acid. While we all produce some, our levels decrease as we age. Supplementing our bodies may help our joints stay lubricated and our skin youthful and healthy. For wound care, it’s a safe and effective way to assist with body and skin repair, and it might be a solution if other medical products lack efficacy. With your doctor’s approval, it can be used in many other ways as a supplement to aid other areas of the body that may need a boost. Who would have ever thought that sugar might do the body this much good?

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