How to Stay Close When Separated by Distance

How to Stay Close When Separated by Distance

( – Being away from the people we care about may not always be easy. But sometimes we can’t do anything about the physical distance. Whether we’re in a long distance relationship or social distancing from friends and families, being separate from our loved ones can take a toll on our relationships. Fortunately, there are some great ways to stay close — even when we’re far apart.

Put It In Perspective

It’s been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. While that may be true in some cases, being far apart may also make things difficult in a lot of ways. By focusing on the amazing things people remember about their partner, friend, or family member, they may be able to keep those feelings of closeness.

Having a secure connection takes work and time, but it may be well worth it when it fosters happiness and joy for both parties. Focusing on the parts of the relationship that can continue to grow during time apart may help.

Use Available Resources

With so many ways to connect today, we don’t have to be in the same room or even the same country to feel close to a loved one. Texts, phone calls, emails, Zoom and Skype calls, social media, and other options are all good ways to interact.

If we feel like we aren’t as close to a partner or other important person in our lives as we used to be, there are plenty of different ways we may be able to reach out and help to build that strong connection again. Use the available options and opportunities, so staying close is easier.

Focus on Frequency

Not only is it important to use the resources available, but make sure to use them frequently. People who often connect with others are generally going to feel closer to those people. That doesn’t mean it’s always necessary to talk several times per day, or even every day, but frequent interaction matters. Both parties may want to work together to find what kind of schedule is right for their needs.

Consider Fondness and Admiration

Remember why there’s love and all the things about the other person that are important. Expressing that affection may help keep people closer. There’s no reason to avoid telling someone that they’re cared for and appreciated. By reaching out and providing that information, we encourage others to do the same and work toward a world where openness regarding affection and admiration is more normalized.

Build a Love Map

How does the other person’s life look? What do they need from us to feel happy, healthy, and whole? How might we best support them on their journey? By building a love map, we may be able to see what our loved ones need from us more easily, so we might interact with them in new and better ways. Mapping our journeys together, even from a physical distance, may be a great way to feel more connected and closer to one another.

Whether we’re in a long-distance relationship or just staying away from friends and family members due to social distancing, there are plenty of opportunities to feel close to one another. Working together to take opportunities to spend time with one another is a great way to feel more connected. Then our relationships may stay stronger until we see one another in person again.

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