How to Sanitize Your Car to Avoid Getting Sick This Fall

How to Sanitize Your Car to Avoid Getting Sick This Fall

[PREVENTION 101] How to Sanitize Your Car

( – As the weather cools and leaves begin to fall, cold and flu bugs are beginning to make the rounds. While wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, and practicing social distancing do their parts in keeping us safer, we still need to clean our environments routinely. Germs can still sneak into your personal space, even your car. We have tips in the article below on how to properly sanitize your car and avoid unforeseen illnesses this fall.

Vacuum and Eliminate Clutter

Some of us might be guilty of leaving the occasional wrapper or empty coffee mug in our vehicle. Making sure there is nothing in sight that germs and bacteria can thrive on is our first step in warding off illnesses.

Get rid of excess clutter, including trash and any loose items, stored in the vehicle. Organize the items you do need to keep. Vacuum thoroughly to reduce the dust and debris that might become entrained in the cabin air.

Clean and Disinfect

To combat germs that may be lurking in the corners of the vehicle, the first step is to clean the entire interior. Cleaning involves a major wipe down of all surfaces, even those under the seats and in the trunk area.

Use a cloth that has a gentle soap mixed with warm water for a wash down of leather surfaces. If you have any type of special surface in the interior, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions and precautions first.

Use a disinfectant spray or cloth on all other surfaces. Getting the area wiped down is the best way to fight bacteria. Don’t forget the glass.

Avoid Cleaners That Will Destroy the Interior

Bleach and alcohol might destroy leather and other fragile surfaces, so read labels and avoid products containing those. Car Guys and Mother’s offer leather-safe cleaners that also clean dirt and disinfect harmful bacteria. Dispose of the cleaning cloths or wash them in hot water with bleach for future use.

Use the Right Cloth

One of the main factors in proper cleaning might be having the right cloth. Microfiber is a good choice because it grabs dirt and debris and holds onto it. This increases the chances of it carrying away harmful bacteria that could make you sick. Avoid materials that may scratch surfaces or smear dirt around, potentially causing germs to spread.

There are so many facets to fighting the spread of illness. The key is to keep everything you come in contact with as germ-free as possible. Wiping down commonly used surfaces is a solid step in the right direction. While bacterial sprays are always beneficial, check for harmful chemicals that might destroy surfaces. Keep it clean, organized, and sanitized, and you’ll be one step closer to staying healthy.

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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