How to Avoid Getting Sick This Fall

How to Avoid Getting Sick This Fall

( – The fall season can be tough when it comes to staying healthy. With the cold and flu season on the way, we may wind up slammed with this illness as soon as cooler temperatures hit. It’s more important than ever to stay proactive to protect your health. Try these helpful tips to improve your odds of getting through the coming months unscathed.

Continue Limiting Time Spent in Crowds

As the weather conditions become more favorable for viruses to spread, it could be important to limit time spent in crowded areas. Continuing some measure of social distancing could prevent you from catching the latest strain of viruses or just help you avoid being infected with the common cold.

If you have to visit a medical facility for work or for a wellness check, consider wearing a mask to help protect those most vulnerable to infection. It could also decrease the likelihood that you’ll catch the latest virus going around–a win-win solution.

Protect Your Household

Protection starts at home, so it’s up to each of us to defend ours from the possible onslaught of seasonal illness. It’s important to keep your hand clean and free of the face when out in public. Sanitizing your space and removing your shoes indoors can also help limit germs in your environment.

Make your indoor environment less inviting to viruses by running a humidifier and an air purifier equipped with a UV filter. This may not fully sanitize the air, but it will reduce the viral load, and that could make a difference if someone brings one of these infections into your home. Don’t forget to wipe down frequently touched items like doorknobs and light switches to reduce risks of transmission via infected surfaces.

Consider Preemptive Measures

In the best of circumstances, preparation is never a bad idea, but with the difficulties that could be ahead of us, it’s a very smart option. Work on unhealthy habits now to reduce the risks of increased complications later. Pay particular attention to self-care, so both your body and mind are ready for any necessary battles.

Also, consider stocking up on a few extra items each time you visit the supermarket, so that you have everything you need should the equivalent of another Great Toilet Paper Shortage arise.

Get Your Flu Shot

The CDC recommends yearly flu vaccinations, especially for children, seniors, and people with chronic health conditions. Effectiveness can vary by the year, but even a mismatched choice in strains may provide more protection than none at all. People concerned about the pros and cons of flu vaccinations should talk with their doctors to obtain more information.

This fall, stay on guard and be prepared for the temperature and humidity drops. Even though we could be looking at a historic cold and flu season, planning, preparation and tenacity give us the best odds of avoiding illness. Are you ready?

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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