Here’s How Black Friday and Cyber Monday Can Boost Mental Health

Here's How Black Friday and Cyber Monday Can Boost Mental Health

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( – It has often been said that “retail therapy”, or shopping to boost your mood, can improve your mental health. While it might have just been an excuse to buy new things, there’s some evidence that Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping actually can make you feel better. Here’s how.

Competition Can Be a Healthy Thing

Getting that great deal before someone else does or buying the very last of an item that’s on sale can foster a sense of competition — and that can boost your mood. Whether it’s a big-screen TV or a toy for a grandchild, the mental health boost from getting a better deal than others is real. There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, either.

Deals Can Be a Mood Booster

It’s not just competing with others for a great price that helps boost mental health. It’s also the prices themselves. Research shows that deals may make people happier. The boost in dopamine in the brain improves their mood. Additionally, they saved money they can use for something else and still got something they wanted. This, in turn, might mean they can do more, or that they feel like they have more money or a better financial position in general. Taking financial pressure off of people can improve their mood and mental health — and that’s exactly what Black Friday and Cyber Monday may do.

Exercise Has Mental Health Benefits

For those who choose to shop in person, the walking they’ll do when moving around stores and finding their purchases can help benefit their mental health. Walking has a lot of benefits, including increased feelings of happiness and contentment. A short walk may boost mental health, and when it’s combined with good deals and competition on a safe and friendly level, it may increase feelings of joy.

Spending Time With Family and Friends Can Improve Mood

Those who choose to shop with family and friends are likely to see an improvement in mood. For those who are still taking extra precautions due to infection risks, there are still ways to spend time interacting during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For example, apps like Facetime and Skype allow for conversations and video chats that can take place while shopping online. Shopping “together” doesn’t have to mean going into stores or even leaving your house to interact and boost mental health.

As everyone moves into Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, remember the importance of good mental health is just as valuable as caring for our physical health. With some creativity and focus, it’s possible to stay competitive, get great deals, and still have quality interactions with the people we love and cherish the most.

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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