Good News for Couch Potatoes! Doing THIS “Lazy” Activity Could Give You More Energy

Good News for Couch Potatoes! Doing THIS

( – As the day goes by, many people long for a nap. Drowsiness and lethargy instantly make many of us want to close our eyes and rest our brains for a minute. As it turns out, there’s some good news for couch potatoes: A nap can provide more energy and improve our entire day. Check out some of the main perks.

Increases Energy

Taking a short snooze, often referred to as a power nap, has a major benefit. It provides an added energy boost. Experts report that the sweet spot is around 20 minutes. This break allows us to reset our systems and gain a power boost. A short cat nap can help us push through the day while providing a nice, refreshing burst of energy.

Improves Cognitive Thinking

Staying up all night studying has its benefits. That information may be fresh in our brains, but a serious drawback is that our alertness and ability to react quickly are usually zapped.

Research has found that taking a 30 to 90-minute nap in before a test or big event may help improve cognitive thinking and mental acuity. It can create a peppiness and edge that makes it easier to retain and recall information. These benefits were not apparent in those who didn’t nap and those who slept longer than 90 minutes.

Boosts Energy and Stamina

Some of us may avoid working out because we dread it, and some of us might just be too tired. Wedging in a nap before working out might provide a blast of energy and added stamina for the length of the workout.

It may also help fight off a dip in our circadian rhythms, where extreme tiredness may tempt us to reach for a sugary snack as a pick-me-up. Tired? Consider a short nap to rejuvenate and then hit the gym.

Reduces Stress and Depression

With life’s ups and downs, sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by stress, leading to sadness and depression. Getting enough sleep, even in small naps throughout the day, may help combat feelings of depression. It can help reduce stress levels as well. A short, peaceful rest might just be followed by waking with a positive, happy attitude.

Couch potatoes rejoice! We can put grogginess and crankiness behind us. Don’t feel bad falling asleep for a little while during the day. It’s the body’s signal that it needs a little rest and rejuvenation. We may feel sharper, happier, and much more rested than before. It’s a small self-care investment that may pay off in big health dividends.

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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