Are Water Enhancers Really Healthy?

Are Water Enhancers Really Healthy?

( – Water is so good for us, but we often prefer drinks with more flavor. Flavored water enhancers can make a boring glass of plain water into something sweet and tasty. But do those flavors include less-than-healthy components that get in the way of health goals?

Water Enhancers Use FDA-Approved Ingredients

When we buy flavored water enhancers, it’s important to know the ingredients we’re getting are FDA-approved, so they aren’t considered dangerous or unregulated. But whether they’re healthy or good for us might be a different story. Here are some common ingredients found in enhancers and how they might affect our health.

Sucralose is Used to Sweeten the Enhancer

Water enhancers use sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener. It’s 600 times sweeter than sugar, and the FDA says it’s safe. Some animal studies have shown negative effects, but these studies were based on very high doses and weren’t conducted with human subjects. There are people who are sensitive to the chemicals used in artificial sweeteners, but unless you’re one of them, there’s no compelling reason not to use sucralose.

Propylene Glycol is a Solvent

Since this chemical is also used in plastic and paint, some people have raised their eyebrows about the idea of ingesting it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not safe. The FDA has ruled that it won’t cause harm to humans, provided they aren’t making it more than 5% of their daily food intake. That would be a huge amount, and the little bit in a water enhancer is only an insignificant fraction of that.

Enhancers Use Artificial Colors

While artificial colors are generally considered to be safe for everyone, some of them may cause allergic reactions in some people. Yellow-5 and Blue-1 are the most common allergens, and there are also concerns that the dyes might make children hyperactive. Even though dyes are very commonly used, there are still studies being done on their potential effects.

If you’re sensitive to dyes, artificial sweeteners, and other chemicals, a water enhancer might not be the right choice for you. But for most people, it’s generally considered safe to put that little squirt of colored flavor into their water, and enhancing the flavor of water might encourage people to drink considerably more. Whether you choose to use an enhancer or perhaps lemon, cucumber or fresh berries, enjoy a refreshing glass of water today.

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