Are 90 Day Prescriptions Cheaper?

Do 90 Day Prescriptions Save You Money? The Answer May Surprise You

( – Keeping 30 day prescriptions filled can be a hassle, but switching to a 90 day prescription can be a more convenient and cost-effective alternative for the right patient.

What Are 90-Day Prescriptions?

Simply put, 90 day prescriptions allow doctors to prescribe enough medication to last a patient three months instead of the typical one month. By choosing this prescription method instead of a more common 30 day prescription, patients need just four refills each year instead of the typical twelve.

This alternative to 30 day prescriptions works best when a patient has been taking a particular medication for a chronic condition for long enough that his or her doctor knows that it works well, does not cause allergies or other severe side effects, and its dosage is unlikely to need to be changed in the near future. Although it can take time to determine that a 90 day prescription is an appropriate fit, switching to this refill schedule at the right time can be a better fit for both patients and healthcare providers.

Are 90 Day Prescriptions Cheaper?

Much like buying groceries in bulk saves you money over time instead of buying the smallest and cheapest package each time you run out, one 90 day prescription is usually cheaper than three 30 day prescriptions. Depending on what medication a patient is taking, this savings can reach several hundred dollars or more each year.

Other Benefits of 90 Day Prescriptions

90 day prescriptions are also a much more convenient option for many patients. By cutting trips to the pharmacy down to four per year instead of twelve, this option can save patients time and minimize their likelihood of running out of their medication. This can be even more helpful if mobility limitations make frequent trips to the pharmacy difficult.

Switching to a 90 day prescription can have a wide range of benefits. If you or someone in your life is interested in this option, contact your doctor to determine whether you are a good candidate for this cheaper and more convenient alternative!

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