5 Ways to Cleanse and Strengthen Your Lungs

5 Ways to Cleanse and Strengthen Your Lungs

(AscendHealthy.com) – No matter what time of the year, the environment can be brutal on your lungs. Whether it’s allergies, a medical issue or being exposed to harmful toxins, cleansing and strengthening the lungs is important. If you’re at risk for viral infection or exposed to other environmental hazards like wildfires, you need to learn now how to boost lung health. Here are five ways to do it.

1. Seek Steam Therapy

One good way to improve lung function and reduce mucus is to utilize steam therapy. Inhaling water vapor allows airways to open allowing excess mucus to exit the lungs. In cold, dry or smoky air, lung symptoms may worsen because of restricted blood flow.

2. Chest Percussion

Percussion might be performed in a medical setting when mucus builds up in the chest due to an underlying infection or constricted airways. A respiratory therapist taps the chest wall with a cupping method to dislodge bundles of mucus. Percussive therapy may clear airways and help the chest rest from a hacking cough.

3. Air Purification

Relief might start at home after being exposed to air pollution. Installing a HEPA filter may be a cost-effective way to improve your personal air quality. Depending on the filter and system, it removes impurities including:

  • Pet dander
  • Dust mites
  • Dirt and debris
  • Harmful bacteria

Breathing in clean, fresh air may assist with a deep lung cleansing.

4. DIY Drain Mucus From the Lungs

There are ways to drain mucus from the lungs naturally, at home. One way is through controlled coughing. It naturally expels toxins trapped in the mucus membranes. Here is a simple exercise:

  • Sit down, shoulders relaxed and fold arms over the stomach.
  • Slowly inhale through the nostrils.
  • Exhale, leaning forward, pushing arms against the stomach.
  • Cough three times on the exhale.
  • Slowly inhale through the nose while returning to an upright position.
  • Repeat.

This is an easy way to work on improving lung function and keeping airways strong.

5. Reduce Exposure to Indoor and Outdoor Irritants

One way to keep lung performance at its best is to stay away from known irritants. This is especially true during widespread wildfires when there is thick smoke in the air. Try to limit exposure and wear a ventilator mask whenever possible. Always take breaks from these areas if you must be exposed.

Our lungs literally give us the breath of life. Caring for them properly may help us prevent some lung and pulmonary conditions and improve their function overall. They work overtime for us, so making sure they last a lifetime is essential for the best health possible.

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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