5 Signs You’re Being Lied To

5 Signs You're Being Lied To

(AscendHealthy.com) – There is nothing worse than being lied to, especially when we completely trust in someone else. It can be difficult to forgive someone who has been untruthful. But how can you recognize the signs? Read more about what to look for when someone might be lying.

1. They Move Around a Lot

When a person isn’t telling the truth, they become nervous. While everyone is different, most people caught telling a lie begin to fidget or even take a step back. This is a form of diverting from talking to their victim face-to-face. If you ask someone a serious question and then they suddenly get up and leave or turn their head away to talk, they could be lying.

2. Know That Fake Smile

Sometimes when a person is lying, they may get a certain smile or smirk on their face. It could be something you’ve caught them doing in a past lie or inconsistency. Some people’s facial expressions are dead giveaways. This also might mean they are not good at lying and may allow someone to spot their flaw just from seeing their reaction to the question.

3. Their Pupils Are Dilated

In some cases, when someone lies, their body shows physical signs of it, including their pupils becoming dilated or very small. This is because the brain is working in overdrive to feed the lie. Next time, check the eyes for a clear answer as to whether the other person is lying.

4. Deny, Deny, Deny

Another potential sign of a liar is when they adamantly deny what happened. They think that as long as they deny it, it never happened. That is what they want you to believe. This sign should be taken into consideration with other signs as well. Because if they truly didn’t do it, they won’t admit it.

5. Using God’s Name in Vain

When a person lies, they may also take the Lord’s name in vain. Or they may swear on the bible or other things that are of great importance to them or you. It could be their own life, their children or their home. Noticing this behavior could mean they are denying it and getting frustrated that you asked them if they were lying in the first place.

Lies can ruin a relationship and cause irreparable harm in many ways. A false accusation of lying can destroy trust as well. While it’s ok to ask someone if they are being truthful, remember there could be repercussions. Losing faith in one another, whether through lies or lack of trust, might be difficult to recover from, but it is possible with open, honest communication. You may decide you need help from a professional to navigate your options. Take liars seriously, but be careful not to rush headlong into accusations.

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