5 Reasons to Try a Plant-Based Diet

5 Reasons to Try a Plant-Based Diet

(AscendHealthy.com) – Many of us enjoy a diet that features meat, dairy and poultry. But some research shows that a plant-based diet may help us live longer, healthier lives. Learn why we may want to consider following a plant-based diet below.

Learn 5 Reasons to Try a Plant-Based Diet.

Inside a Plant-Based Diet

The term “plant-based diet” may make us think of meals limited to seeds and weeds. But plant-based diets can provide a varied feast, from pizza topped with grilled veggies to almond butter on sliced apples and oatmeal mixed with banana and chopped walnuts.

Food categories in a plant-based diet include beans and legumes, fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, oils and whole grains. In contrast to strict vegan diets, plant-based dieters choose to eat more plant-based food sources and fewer foods in the dairy and meat categories.

We can boost the benefits of our plant-based diets by enjoying different types of vegetables and fruits. Substituting beans, whole grains, and legumes for meat or dairy may provide a balanced meal. Healthy plant-based fats include avocado, seeds, nuts and olive oil.

5 Plant-Based Diet Benefits

Researchers have discovered that plant-based diets may extend our lives and boost our health.

Five potential benefits of plant-based diets include:

  • Reduced risk of heart disease: Plant-based diet followers typically weigh less and have less stomach fat. They also tend to have lower cholesterol. All of these benefits reduce the risk of high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.
  • Lowered risk of type 2 diabetes: By reducing how much saturated fat and how many calories we consume, plant-based diets may result in lower blood sugar. These diets generally allow for more fiber and nutritional food, all of which may reduce our risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Improved physical and mental function as we age: Plant-based diets may extend our lifespans and improve the quality of our lives. These benefits result from consuming foods high in antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Reduced risk of certain types of cancer: Plant-based diets lower our risk of many cancers, including prostate, breast, gastrointestinal and colorectal cancer.
  • Stronger immune system: Plant-based diets help to support the immune system, providing protection against germs, reducing inflammation and keeping cells healthy.

The term “plant-based diet” might initially sound unappetizing. But plant-based diets might provide us with a variety of tasty foods while giving us longer, healthier lifespans. Eating more plant-based foods may even reduce our risk of dangerous conditions, such as heart disease and certain cancers. Plant-based meals might let us have delicious new treats like zucchini bread or pumpkin soup, while potentially enjoying better health.

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