5 Reasons to Keep THIS Cream in the House

5 Reasons to Keep Nipple Cream in the House
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(AscendHealthy.com) – Nipple cream: It’s something that many women discover when they first find out they’re pregnant. Doctors offer samples to help soothe nipples during and especially after pregnancy while breastfeeding. However, nipple cream is surprisingly versatile, and we can use it for more than just nipple care. Check out these five reasons why we should always keep nipple cream handy.

1. It Soothes Dry Lips

Formulated to soothe cracked, dry and irritated skin, nipple cream is not only good for sore nipples, it can be used on other body parts — especially the lips. Lips face harsh irritation from the elements daily. Nipple creams containing olive oil and beeswax as base ingredients instantly soothe the redness and irritation from skin changes on the lips and provide a protective barrier.

2. It Aids in Rashes

Rashes pop up when the body has an adverse reaction to outside stimuli. Skin can become irritated and itchy, making it challenging to find soothing relief. Nipple creams containing cocoa butter soothe tender skin instantly. Cocoa butter is rich in phytochemicals and may help improve blood flow to the skin’s surface and smooth out bumpy areas.

3. It Reduces Razor Bumps

Irritated by bothersome razor bumps after shaving? Nipple cream to the rescue! Most brands include shea butter and calendula extract as base ingredients. When applied before and after shaving, it reduces irritation and bumps. Calendula oil has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help skin heal quickly.

4. It Helps With Minor Cuts and Abrasions

Every household should have a first-aid kit because minor cuts and abrasions can happen unexpectedly. Having nipple cream in the house as part of the first aid kit might be very useful in treating minor wounds. Applying a small amount to the affected area creates a safe seal from moisture and particulates. It also helps prepare the skin’s surface for bandages because it’s non-greasy.

5. It Helps Release Zippers

Here comes the school bus! This is the perfect time for kids’ zippers to get stuck. Release zippers quickly by applying a little nipple cream on the edge. It is a quick remedy for a stuck zipper. And it doesn’t stain like a spray or oil might.

No nipple cream on the shelf? It’s time to stock up. It’s not just used for breast health anymore. There are multiple uses for this savvy product, and no home should be without it. We can all learn a thing or two from the moms in our lives. It’s just one more way to make life a little easier and less complicated in this crazy world.

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