3 Secret Fat-Melting Foods

3 Secret Foods That Help Melt the Fat Away
3 Secret Foods That Help Melt the Fat Away

[LOOK] 3 Super Secret Fat-Melting Snacks

(AscendHealthy)- Struggling to lose weight, despite eating healthy and exercising? You may be experiencing what many experts in the fitness industry refer to as a “plateau.” This phenomenon occurs when you take in the same amount of calories as you burn. Without a caloric deficit, you stop losing weight and results stall out.

There are a few ways to break through the dreaded weight loss plateau. Some gurus swear by drinking gallons of green tea and slathering food in coconut oil, but these efforts are often questionable at best. These fat-burning foods, however, are backed by real science and fact.

Dried Plums

Dried plums are delicious and utterly packed with fiber, one of the most beneficial weight loss ingredients. Insoluble fiber helps food move through your digestive tract faster, keeping you (ahem) regular and improving overall digestion. Soluble fiber, on the other hand, absorbs toxins, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It’s also a key element in feeling full for a longer period of time, meaning that eating a plum in the morning could help you avoid snacking throughout the day. The end result? A happier and trimmer waistline. Pack four or five as a snack each day.


Some health gurus will tell you to stay away from bananas; they believe their high sugar content puts you at risk for taking in excess calories. Truthfully, bananas have a pretty low glycemic index, meaning they’ll provide you with energy without overloading you with excess sugars. Bananas also contain a specialized starch the body turns into fatty acids; these substances are critical for efficient fat metabolism. Next time those cravings hit, turn to a banana instead of a chocolate bar. Win-win!


According to Healthline, nearly 80 percent of the world’s population suffers from iron deficiency. In the U.S., these numbers are much lower thanks to better food security, but anemia is still somewhat common, especially in women and children. This likely plays a role in weight loss because low iron levels can considerably slow your metabolism.

You don’t need to be fully deficient to experience issues, either. In fact, even borderline low iron levels can slow your metabolism and hamper results. But here’s some good news: lentils are packed with iron and can help you achieve balance when incorporated into your diet. Adding them just once or twice a week could help to keep your metabolic rate on track so your body can burn fat more efficiently.

These aren’t the only fat-burning foods backed by real science. Almonds, whole grains, hot peppers, and a long list of other fun eats make the list, too. But what matters most is that you stick with these foods long-term. Shake up your routine so you aren’t eating the same fat-burning foods every day. The lower the risk of boredom, the easier it will be to stick with your weight-loss efforts for the long haul!

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