15 Weight Loss Tips From Around the World

15 Weight Loss Tips From Around the World

(AscendHealthy.com) – For some of us, the pandemic lockdown has turned into a waist-expanding snack-a-thon. There’s even a nickname for our stay-at-home weight gain: the Quarantine 15. Ready to try a different approach to shedding those pounds? Discover 15 weight loss tips from around the world.

Travel Around the World with 15 Weight Loss Tips

There’s an upside to losing weight the international way. For those of us who made travel plans that we had to cancel amid the pandemic, we can take an imaginary trip around the globe to get international help with shedding pounds.

Here are 15 dieting tips from other countries that you might consider implementing into your life:

  1. Go French with leisurely family meals: More than 90% of French families eat their evening meal together, devoting at least 30 minutes to weekday meals and nearly 45 minutes to weekend dinners. Studies show your brain takes 20 minutes to register that you feel full. Having a slow, relaxed family meal can help with weight loss. 
  2. Try Thai for spice: Spicy food like Thai cuisine boosts your metabolism. Also, spicy food helps you eat more slowly so that you can heed your body’s signal when you have had enough food.
  3. Sip tea like the Turkish: Residents of Turkey drink almost 7 pounds of tea per person. Tea contains catechins, which can help your body digest fats more rapidly while increasing your metabolism.
  4. Eat breakfast like the Germans: If you routinely skip breakfast, try following Germany’s model. Approximately 75% of Germans enjoy daily breakfasts with bread, cereal, and fruit. Experts say avoiding breakfast may cause you to eat more calories later in the day.
  5. Try a Japanese meal: The traditional Japanese diet features small amounts of fresh, seasonal foods. This food plan includes fish and vegetables, while cutting down on fat, sugar, and animal protein. As a result, Japanese cuisine may help with weight loss as well as longevity.
  6. Drink coffee like the Finnish: Studies show that Finland drinks the most coffee per person. Coffee may help with weight loss by reducing your hunger while boosting your metabolism.
  7. Add sauerkraut to meals as in Germany: Low in calories and high in fiber, sauerkraut helps you stay full so that you eat less. The probiotics in this vegetable dish also may lower how much fat your body absorbs.
  8. Enjoy yogurt as in France: The French rank first in the consumption of yogurt. In a recent study, obese adults on a low-calorie diet who consumed three fat-free yogurt servings daily lost 61% more body fat and 22% more weight than those who skipped the yogurt.
  9. Try Russian grechka: Also known as buckwheat porridge, grechka is high in fiber. You’ll stay full longer. Prepare grechka by mixing one cup of the dry buckwheat with two cups of boiling water in a pot. Cover and leave overnight.
  10. Act British and stop supersizing: In Great Britain, people prefer smaller portions. McDonald’s doesn’t even offer a supersize serving, and extra-large orders like a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese aren’t on the menu.
  11. Enjoy rice and beans as in Brazil: Rice and beans accompany most meals in Brazil. Researchers have found that a diet featuring beans and rice reduces the risk of obesity by nearly 15% in comparison with Western cuisine.
  12. Eat at home more as in Poland: In the United States, the average family spends 37% of its food budget on fast food and restaurants. Contrast that with Poland, where only 5% is spent on eating out. Those who cook at home are more apt to cook healthy food, according to experts.
  13. Bike like in the Netherlands: More than half of bike owners in the Netherlands use this calorie-burning equipment for shopping and driving to work. Biking can burn more than 500 calories per hour.
  14. Get lean, grow green like the Russians: In Russia, more than 50% of city dwellers devote weekends and vacations to their country houses, where gardens flourish. Russians tend to grow their own fruits and vegetables, all of which tend to be lower in calories.
  15. Say yes to yoga as in India: Yoga is known for easing stress and improving flexibility. A recent study found that those who practice yoga regularly also benefit from having a lower body mass index. In addition, yoga can help us to be more mindful, which can assist with being conscious of what we eat.

We may feel challenged in trying to vary our lives during the pandemic’s stay-at-home routine. By trying one or more of these international weight loss tips, we can spice up our lives while getting slim.

Got kids? Get them involved in your round-the-world weight loss journey by making posters. If you have any individual health or diet considerations, be sure to talk with your healthcare provider before starting a new diet or changing your current one.

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