Why Gossip May Actually Be Good for You

Why Gossip May Actually Be Good for You
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(AscendHealthy.com) – It’s downright hard to tune out a juicy conversation we overhear. While we know it’s frowned upon, talking about others can be satisfying and even addicting for some. Are there circumstances when gossip might actually be a good thing? The answer may be surprising.

A Sense of Empowerment

When news breaks, such as a scandal or an event that will affect others’ lives, being the first to announce it can give us a power boost. It can raise self-confidence levels and give us a sense of empowerment.

It can also be a way to compare ourselves to others, perhaps allowing us to feel our lives aren’t so bad after all. Temporarily sharing with others may raise self-esteem and provide us the emotional support we seek.

Builds Social Bonds

Gossiping prompts the body to release oxytocin, promoting relationship bonding and facilitating feelings of trust. Gossip may allow individuals to group in a social network, aiding mental health. Providing unique information may set us apart within a group as a leader or a source of firsthand knowledge. Sharing a secret tends to help us build bonds quickly.

Leads to Self Improvement

Research has found that gossip can become a tool for self-improvement. For instance, if we overhear someone talking about how we’re always late for work or take long lunch breaks, we may take this information to heart. Once we get past the initial sting of being talked about, we may use it to modify our behavior or circumstances. How others view us might be a harsh reality, but using the experience to change our lives positively might transform a potentially hurtful situation into something beneficial.

Alleviates Stress

In some cases, gossip reduces stress levels. By distracting from our own issues and problems while focusing on someone else’s roadblocks and pitfalls, we might become more optimistic about our situations. Understanding someone else’s situation may put our life issues into a brighter perspective.

We should never use malicious gossip to hurt or damage someone’s character. But, just as the sun rises every day, people will gossip. The key is to find ways to take positive lessons and motivations from situations where someone else’s name comes up. We can acknowledge the benefits of sympathetic gossip and put them to good use to generate a better outcome for ourselves and others.

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