WARNING: New iPhones Could Pose Pacemaker Risks

WARNING: New iPhone 12 Could Pose Pacemaker Risks

(AscendHealthy.com) – There’s always a small amount of risk involved in being the first to get a new product, especially when it comes to electronics. News reports in years past have covered horrors from exploding batteries to spontaneously combusting smartphones, with some devices even being subject to serious restrictions and recalls.

Beginning with the iPhone 12, these newer phones boasted sleek, drop-resistant designs, 5G speed, top-quality cameras, and high-definition displays — but they also contain more magnets than previous designs, which can interfere with proper pacemaker functioning.  Here’s what all consumers need to know about staying safe around iPhone’s latest and greatest new releases.

Warning From Apple

Apple recently sent out a statement about the higher load of magnets in their newer iPhones. The company is confident the magnets aren’t strong enough to interfere with any other devices, but it also acknowledges the possibility that risks still may exist. When magnets come in close contact with implanted pacemakers and defibrillators, they can set off sensors and interfere with proper functioning. Because this issue may affect iPhone users’ hearts, excessive caution is warranted.

At-risk users should keep their phones at least 6 inches away from pacemakers and similar devices at all times; when a phone is charging wirelessly, that distance should double to 12 inches. Use the same precautions with MagSafe charging accessories, which also contain powerful magnets. Users who have any questions or concerns about the effects of magnetic components on their devices should contact their doctors or pacemaker manufacturers for more personalized precautions.

Using All Devices Safely

It’s important always to read up on new devices to ensure proper use. Apple offers iPhone safety info on its support page, which also warns about possible radio frequency interference. To reduce overall risks, use headphones or the iPhone’s built-in speakerphone option and keep all magnetized and frequency-emitting components away from the body’s core.

Apple recently updated its warning to include the full line of Apple products that could contain magnets and interfere with medical devices. These include charging cases, watches, watch bands, newer iPhone models, iPads, Beats, and more. See the Apple website for the full list of products containing magnets.

The drive to own the newest iPhone when it releases can be strong for some users; those with pacemakers may want to follow the trends with caution. The risks of complications might be low, but rare events are possible. Why take unnecessary chances?

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