Shake Your Soda Habit With THIS Delicious Alternative

Shake Your Soda Habit With THIS Delicious Alternative

( – Soda is a top drink choice because of its sweet taste. Many of us really crave it, and some are consumed with drinking it. Addicted to soda? There may be a healthy solution. Sparkling water. It gives us that same fizzy feeling, along with a subtle blast of flavor. Here are some benefits to switching and shaking the soda habit once and for all.

Sparkling Water Vs. Soda

More people are drinking sparkling water in recent years. Many brands have come to light offering fresh advertisements and tasty alternatives to traditional sparkling waters.

The surprising thing? The flavor has improved, and they taste similar to sodas. The main advantage over soda is they contain less sodium and calories compared to sugary soda drinks.

Weight Loss Benefits

Some people use sparkling water drinks along with their routine weight loss regimen. It gives them a boost of taste to get them through the day. It might also feel like we’re cheating on soda-free diets. With flavors like watermelon, cherry and lime, these sparkling waters add a lot of taste alternatives. The carbonation can help us feel fuller too.

A Calorie and Sodium Changer

Sparkling water drinks are generally zero calories and sugar, which might be two of their best assets. This soda alternative is perfect for those not wanting added calories in their diets. It’s also an acceptable choice for people with diabetes, who need to limit soda and sugar intake.

Individuals with heart disease, kidney disease and blood pressure issues might also find sparkling water to be a healthier alternative. Most sparkling or seltzer waters are low in sodium, which may help keep blood pressure better regulated as part of a healthy diet.

Make Your Own Sparkling Water

Leave the pop at the grocery store. There are at-home machines where individuals can create their own sparkling water recipes to their taste. The device adds carbonated or seltzer water to a variety of choice flavors. We can even incorporate fresh or frozen fruit into the mix.

It’s a great way to experiment with recipes and flavors to achieve the perfect drink concoction.

It’s time to ditch the diet and regular pop and reach for something fizzy that’s healthier. If plain water doesn’t tantalize the taste buds, give sparkling water a try. With all the delectable flavor choices, there are plenty of tasty options. Packed with fruitiness and enough carbonation to tickle your nose, keep this healthy drink within reach at all times.

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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