How the Season You Were Born In Affects Your Mood

How The Season You Were Born In Affects Your Mood

( – A popular rhyme claims to reveal our characteristics based on the day on which we were born. Monday’s child, for example, is supposedly “fair of face,” while Friday’s child is “loving and giving.”

Now, a new study puts a different spin on that children’s rhyme. Learn how the season in which you were born may affect your mood.

What Determines Your Mood?

Those of us who love to read our horoscope may believe that our birth date affects our lives. Now a new study suggests the month in which our parents welcomed us into the world really might hold clues to our personality traits.

But it’s not the astrological stars and planets that may have the answer.

Researchers at Semmelweis University in Hungary found that the season in which we are born may contribute to our temperament. The study uncovered possible links between our mood and season of birth.

To conduct the study, researchers analyzed more than 400 participants. They compared the birth season during which the participants were born to their moods as adults.

Match Your Birth Season to Your Mood

Ready to learn what your birth season might reveal about you? The researchers found that different seasons are associated with these personality traits:

  • Spring: We are more likely to have positive moods if we are born in spring. This optimistic tendency is known as hyperthymic temperament.
  • Summer: Born in summer, we may tend to experience both highs and lows. Known as cyclothymic temperament, these mood swings typically vary between upbeat and sad.
  • Autumn: Born in autumn, we have a lower risk of depression and bipolar disorder. A fall birthday also may make us more likely to become cranky.
  • Winter: For those of us born in winter, there’s good news and bad news. January and February birthday celebrants tend to experience fewer irritable moods. However, other studies have shown they are more apt to experience depression and disorders including bipolar and schizophrenia.

Although this study might offer more reputable insights than our astrological forecast, it’s important to note that the results only indicate possible personality traits. Many factors impact our mood. The environment in which we are raised may contribute to our personality traits. Also, our genes might influence our temperament.

The researchers plan to conduct additional studies to see if our genes hold markers linked to our birth season and temperament. Ultimately, rather than look at our horoscope, we may turn to our birth season for guidance.

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