Are You Being Scammed by This Oil?

Are You Being Scammed by This Oil?

( – This oil is all the rage, and people are willing to pay good money for its reported health benefits and buttery flavor. It’s not olive or coconut oil — and in some cases, it’s not even what it says it is on the label. Find out how to protect yourself from this latest food scam.

Quality Control Study

Food Control recently published a study on one of the newest fad fats: avocado oil. Researchers tested the purity and quality of 22 avocado oil samples, 14 of which they found in six different stores and eight they obtained via two online retailers. Each originated from one of four countries: the United States, Mexico, Spain or Brazil.

The oils, sold as “extra virgin” and “refined,” terms typically used to define the quality of olive oil, had vastly different test outcomes. One of the best indicators of an oil’s quality is its free fatty acid (FFA) content — the lower, the better. Avocado oil should test at around 0.1%. In this study, all of the refined oils tested within an acceptable range. However, among “extra virgin” oils, which should have been the highest quality, five of seven tested far above that, averaging 1.31%. The highest FFA content was 2.69% — that’s nearly 27 times the expected number. This type of defect is usually the result of overripe, bruised or insect-infested fruit.

The researchers used fatty acid and sterol profiles to determine the oils’ purity levels. Three of the samples tested as being 100% soybean oil, while three others appeared to have been 50% sunflower or safflower oil mixes. Many of the samples were rancid despite not having passed their expiration dates. Specific brands remained undisclosed, but problems existed in both extra virgin and refined oils.

Avoid Being Scammed

You can make sure you’re getting the quality and purity you’re paying for by knowing the product and vetting your sources. describes avocado oil as tasting buttery, grassy and earthy. Look for a green oil if it’s extra virgin, pale yellow if it’s been refined. Rancid oil may smell a bit like Play-Doh. If you need help finding a brand, look for one that’s also available through a Canadian or European market. According to Olive Oil Times, these regions have strict guidelines for avocado oil and monitor suppliers closely. For example, Chosen Foods’ avocado oil is available through both and, meaning it’s likely a safe choice.

Countless US consumers are getting scammed by companies selling low-quality oils, some even mixed with other, cheaper fillers. Protect yourself by knowing what you’re buying and always checking for color, flavor and aroma before using.

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