9 Reasons to Add Cherries to Your Diet

9 Reasons to Add Cherries to Your Diet

9 Life-Changing Benefits of Cherries

(AscendHealthy.com) – Who doesn’t enjoy a plump, juicy cherry? Sweet or sour, these tiny stone fruits are every bit as nutritious as they are delicious. If the flavor alone can’t convince you to add more cherries to your diet, these nine reasons might add some incentive.

Health Benefits of Cherries

Need a few reasons to include cherries in your diet? We’ve found some of the health benefits this delicious fruit has to offer:

  • Reduce inflammation. Cherries contain tons of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, all of which come together to cut inflammation. Studies have shown they can help fight arthritis and other chronic inflammatory diseases.
  • Inhibit cancer. High amounts of antioxidants can also reduce cancer risks, and cherries happen to be particularly high in many of these compounds. Saco, Ulster and Lapin cherries appear to have the highest and most varied amounts.
  • Fight gout. Another inflammatory disease, gout, occurs when uric acid builds up in the joints, causing pain, redness and swelling. Research shows cherry consumption can significantly reduce uric acid content in the blood, making it a potential gout treatment.
  • Reduce diabetes risks. The anti-inflammatory properties in cherries may help reduce insulin resistance. The antioxidants may also help mitigate some of the damage diabetes can cause to the eyes, bones and cardiovascular system.
  • Improve heart health. People who consume high amounts of polyphenols, or powerful antioxidants, found in cherries and similar superfoods have a 47% lower chance of suffering cardiovascular events.
  • Recover faster. Antioxidants make you more resistant to physical stress. This may be why people who eat cherries appear to recover faster from strenuous exercise.
  • Sleep better. Cherries are a natural source of melatonin, a hormone the body needs for sleep. Ripe ones have a higher melatonin content than unripe ones.
  • Improve cognitive function. The antioxidants in cherries may protect the brain against oxidative stress, improving memory and boosting cognitive function. Eating a diet rich in the antioxidants found in cherries may even reduce some Alzheimer’s disease risks.

Keep in mind that canning can affect the nutritional value of your cherries, with a substantial amount of pigments and antioxidants transferring into the syrup or brine. Eat fresh cherries to get the most out of this incredible fruit.

Can any of these benefits apply to you? Cherries are delicious, versatile and incredibly nutritious. With so many reasons to eat them, why not find a way to add more cherries to your diet?

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