6 Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera

6 Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera

(AscendHealthy.com) – It might be one of the most popular succulent plants in the world, grown for its interesting looks and healing benefits. Whether you grow your own plant or buy a supplement, aloe vera has a surprising number of health benefits to offer. This versatile, medicinal plant just might be what you’re looking for.

Aloe Vera Is One of Nature’s Most Healing Plants

What Is Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is a thick, short-stemmed medicinal plant that people have been using for thousands of years. Most of us know that it’s helpful for sunburn relief, but did you know that this little plant could also help with many other health conditions?

Aloe is generally considered safe, with very few known side effects. As with any new supplement of treatments, it’s best to consult with your healthcare provider prior to starting a new regimen.

1. Aloe Could Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Some people use aloe vera to help manage diabetes. It is thought to enhance insulin sensitivity. It may also help to lower your blood sugar levels. Many studies have shown that aloe could benefit people with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. This is because of its effects on glycemic control.

Before using aloe for this purpose, it’s crucial to consult your healthcare provider. Adding aloe to your regimen may require adjustments to other medications, and your healthcare team needs to be aware so that they can advise you and respond appropriately.

2. Aloe Can Improve Skin and Prevent Wrinkles

Aloe vera gel may slow the signs of aging on the skin. One study of women over the age of 45 found that taking aloe orally actually increased collagen production over 90 days. More collagen means improved skin elasticity and fewer wrinkles.

Aloe also helps your skin by increasing and retaining moisture. The leaves of aloe vera plants contain complex carbohydrates, and they can both hydrate the skin and reduce inflammation.

3. Aloe Can Reduce Constipation

The skin of the aloe leaf contains a sticky yellow latex, which may help with constipation. Aloin, the main compound responsible for this, has well-known laxative effects.

Because there is some concern about safety with frequent use, aloe latex has not been available in over-the-counter medicines in the US since 2002. If you’re going to use aloe for this purpose, it’s best only to use it for short periods. You should also discuss this use with your healthcare provider.

It’s worth noting that aloe vera does not appear to be effective on other digestive disorders like inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

4. Aloe May Help to Treat Canker Sores

Canker sores are a common problem. These mouth ulcers typically form inside of the mouth under the lip, and they may last for around a week. They might be just mild inconveniences, or they may be painful. Either way, aloe vera may accelerate healing.

In one study of people with recurrent canker sores, researchers found that applying aloe vera to the area helped to reduce the size of the sores. The aloe didn’t, however, work better than corticosteroids, which is a conventional canker sore treatment.

Another study found that on top of accelerating healing, aloe also reduced the pain associated with mouth ulcers.

5. Aloe Reduces Dental Plaque

One of the best ways to stop tooth decay and gum disease is to reduce the buildup of plaque on the teeth. Aloe vera may help with that.

In a study performed in Ethiopia, scientists compared a mouthwash made with aloe vera juice with chlorhexidine, which is an ingredient found in most mouthwashes. They found that after four days, the aloe rinse worked just as well as chlorhexidine in reducing plaque.

6. Aloe Speeds up the Healing of Wounds

The most common use of aloe is for treating wounds, especially burns. Studies have shown that it is an effective treatment when used topically for first and second-degree burns.

One study found that aloe reduced the healing time of burns by about nine days when compared with conventional medicines. On top of that, aloe vera has been shown to prevent infections and itching.

Aloe vera is a plant with a diverse range of therapeutic properties. You can use it directly from the leaves, or you can use one of the varieties of supplements sold. It’s remarkably simple to grow and grows wild in many places in the world. Whatever form you use, it may just help heal what ails you.

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