Your Weird Dreams Might Serve THIS Purpose

Your Weird Dreams Might Serve THIS Purpose

( – Relaxing and falling into a peaceful slumber at night is something many of us anticipate. It allows for a chance to recharge and let go of the stressors of the day. But waking up to a crazy or unexplained dream can set the tone for an uneasy morning. Having some pretty weird dreams? There could be an underlying reason why and our subconscious is trying to tell us something. Let’s explore further.

Preparing For Changes

Dreaming about getting married in Paris surrounded by red roses and the Eiffel Tower? That may sound like a pretty delightful dream, but the problem is, we may not be dating anyone or engaged. In fact, there wasn’t even a partner in the dream wedding. But we may be thinking about a recent crush.

This type of dream could be an indicator of mentally preparing for the future. Partner or not, it may also indicate a need for a new journey in life. It could be the subconscious mind pushing us to take that first step in looking for love.

Helps With Understanding New Things

Dreams may help with processing new emotional information by adding it to the brain’s conceptual memory system. So every new experience that occurs is cross-compared with something from the past. Sometimes this information is combined and presents itself in a dream, often a weird one.

For example, if we’re nervous about starting a new job, our brains may pull memories from our first job experiences into dreamscapes. Maybe we worked at a fast-food restaurant and were overwhelmed with messing up orders. This experience could carry over into a dream combined with the circumstances of the new job. The result may leave behind feelings of fear and uneasiness.

A Coping Mechanism for Loss

Losing a loved one is devastating. Sometimes sleep is one way to get away from the pain of being alone or experiencing a loss. In some cases, the brain will generate a dream of the loved one and a happy time shared together.

The dream may seem weird as if the person is still alive and well. Some people may feel distraught, while others experience a sense of comfort while working through personal feelings of grief and loss.

Brings Underlying Insecurities to Light

Underlying anxieties and insecurities can make dreams weird and wacky. For example, dreaming about going to school or work naked or in pajamas could mean that there is a fear of being humiliated or ridiculed in front of others.

Having a crazy dream of hair and teeth falling out might denote an underlying fear of losing vitality or beauty or not being desired by a partner or spouse.

To delve deeper, consider keeping a dream journal by the bedside, making it easy to jot things down to go back and reflect on later.

Waking up to a bizarre or wacky dream experience may be an isolated situation where the mind is simply playing tricks. We don’t always have to take dreams seriously. Dreams are a normal part of life, and while they are easy to dismiss, they may be key to tackling underlying issues. Either way, remember they are only dreams, not reality.

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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