Science-Backed Romance Boosters to Spice Up Your Relationship

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( – Even when the spark is still there, a little boost in the romance department never hurts. We might remember to plan a special night out or revisit a favorite memory to strengthen our bonds, but there may be other, science-backed ways to help stoke those flames. Try these proven approaches to give your relationship a nudge.

Stimulating the ‘Love Hormone’

When we look at many of the feelings and behaviors we associate with love, it’s natural to attach almost mystical elements to it all. Not much can compare to the sense of calm and safety that comes with being in the arms of just the right person.

Magical or not, much of it boils down to one hormone, oxytocin. Dubbed the “love hormone,” oxytocin is responsible for much of human bonding and increases trust. Women produce it in large amounts during childbirth, and couples experience a mutual boost when engaging in intimacy.

Here are a handful of additional ways to boost oxytocin:

  • Listen to soothing music. Slow, relaxing tunes increase oxytocin while decreasing the heart rate, offering a calming effect. Why not turn down the lights, turn on a relaxing track, and see what happens?
  • Give one another massages. Just the act of physically touching can cause boosts of the hormone, but full, relaxing massages can have even stronger effects. Even a simple foot massage can boost levels, but mutual backrubs might be perfect for setting the mood.
  • Do a good deed. Performing acts of empathy gives us pleasant boosts of oxytocin.
  • Vent to your partner. Gossiping might not always be nice to do, but it can cause mutual increases in the love hormone.
  • Practice martial arts. Research has shown practicing martial arts like Jujitsu, which rely on a lot of grappling and close physical contact, increase oxytocin levels. The added exercise and self-defense training can make training with your partner an empowering win-win.

Love is a force of nature, creating bonds that fortify personal strength and give us purpose beyond ourselves. It’s up to us to feed that spark, however. Cuddling and making love are often vital fuel, but sometimes we might need to take an extra step to give those oxytocin levels an added boost. Why not give one or two of the above a try?

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension

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