COVID And Ridesharing: Is It Safe to Take Uber or Lyft?

COVID And Ridesharing: Is It Safe to Take Uber or Lyft?

( – The coronavirus pandemic has made us press the Pause button on many activities. Ridesharing, for many of us, has joined those “wait, is it safe?” concerns. Before you say yay or nay to that next Uber or Lyft ride, get some helpful insights below.

Learn If Ridesharing Services Uber and Lyft Are Safe In A Pandemic.

How Safe Is Ridesharing In A Pandemic?

The coronavirus statistics show that the pandemic has not ended. That means we should continue taking precautions such as wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing. But where exactly does ridesharing via an Uber or Lyft fall on the scale of COVID risks?

Experts agree that driving solo ranks as the safest transportation method amid a pandemic. If you cannot drive yourself, asking someone from your household ranks as second safest.

If neither option works, it might be inevitable to call for an Uber or Lyft for a ride. Both ridesharing companies have sought to reassure current and potential customers about their pandemic precautions. Those precautions include putting carpools or other multi-passenger groups on hold.

Lyft has provided vehicle partitions to drivers. In addition, the Lyft Store for drivers offers face masks, cleaning supplies, and other protective equipment.

Uber says the company is providing Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to passengers, as well as drivers. You can use those wipes on door handles, window buttons, and seat belts.

What Pandemic Precautions Can You Take In Ridesharing?

As Uber and Lyft seek to reassure customers, riders may want to consider how to protect themselves. The following safety measures may help:

  • Bring hand sanitizer to use after touching any shared surfaces, as well as after exiting the car.
  • Before you step into the ridesharing vehicle, make sure that you and your driver are both wearing masks.
  • Choose a vehicle with a partition between you and the driver, if possible.
  • Sit in the backseat and roll down the windows.
  • Ask your driver ahead of time for disinfecting wipes. If none are available, bring your own to use on all shared surfaces.
  • Open car windows to keep the air circulating. If rain precludes that option, ask the driver to halt air recirculation via their controls.
  • Exit the vehicle before giving the driver your cash or use contactless payment methods.
  • If you are wearing gloves, remove them after you leave the car. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after removing the gloves.

Just like many aspects of the pandemic, we may initially feel impatient about what’s required for ridesharing safety. But our health is worth the time needed to don face masks, use disinfecting wipes, and apply hand sanitizer. By reducing our risk for COVID infection, those precautions are a valuable self-care step on the road to a new normal.

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