Can This Supplement Help Prevent COVID-19?

Can This Supplement Help Prevent COVID-19?

( – In an industry riddled with hazards, supplements aren’t always everything they’re cracked up to be. It’s only natural for some people to be skeptical over new supplement claims, especially when they’re in connection with anything COVID.

We know. Scams abound.

Not all claims are untrue, however, and the latest on the potential benefits of vitamin D supplementation could save lives. Here’s how.

See How This Supplement Could Help Prevent COVID-19.

Vitamin D and the Immune System

In terms of vitamin supplements and immune health, most of us might go straight to vitamin C — and we wouldn’t be wrong. But there’s another vital nutrient that’s important to our immunity.

Research has uncovered the role vitamin D plays in immune health, and experts are now exploring its ability to help us fight off numerous different viral infections. Vitamin D prompts the release of antiviral peptides, which improves our initial immune response against the microscopic invaders, especially those in the mucous membranes.

Deficiencies appear to leave people more susceptible to viral respiratory infections like colds, the flu, and — you guessed it — the deadly strains of coronavirus. According to one study, low vitamin D levels made participants 1.77 times more likely to test positive for COVID-19.

Vitamin D and Inflammation

Vitamin D might also benefit people who, despite all efforts, still happen to get sick. Low blood levels could increase risks of cytokine storms, or severe inflammatory responses that can also sometimes occur in severe influenza infections. According to a recent publication in The Lancet, vitamin D supplementation could reduce inflammation on numerous fronts, especially in deficient populations.

Its anti-inflammatory effects could protect against COVID-related heart damage as well. Some evidence even suggests that vitamin D can protect against excessive blood clotting, which has also been a problem in a subset of patients.

No supplement can completely make or break a person’s chances of catching or beating an infection, but vitamin D may come close. A simple blood test can detect a deficiency, so anyone concerned about their levels can find out where they stand with a quick trip to the doctor. For people who do find they’re deficient, supplementing 600–800 IU/day could make a real difference. Before making any changes, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider.

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